Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When did that happen

The never ending winter has given us a few outside days recently. Just enough to tease us into wanting more. On Sunday I took Michael to the "good" playground. It's the fancy, newfangled playground with all of the cool equipment. The last time I was there with Michael was in September. He was big enough to play on some of the equipment, but there was a lot that he couldn't. That has all changed. He was all over it. Up and down the slides, over and under the ladders, it didn't matter what it was, he was on it. In addition to being able to play on the equipment, he also didn't want me playing with him. I was finally able to just stand back and watch him for once.

Then, yesterday, we were able to play outside with some of our neighbor's kids. Before it got cold in the Fall, the kids would play near each other or would join in when a parent got something going like Simon Says, but then never really played together. Yesterday, Michael and two other 2 year olds had some game going together. I'm not sure what it was, but it was clear that they understood exactly what was going on. They were running, climbing, giggling and falling together. For once, we were all able to talk without having to run off in different directions to chase down our children.

I know that Michael is growing up, but because I spend every day with him, it's only a subtle knowledge. Seeing him on the playground and with the neighborhood kids again after so many months is a stark contrast. He's not a little baby or a toddler any more. He's a kid! It's very exciting to see such progress. But, on the other hand, it's also a little sad.

Michael, feel free to take your time with this whole growing up business.


Beth said...

Amen! Your post articulated my feelings exactly. I'm going through the exact same thing with William--he is suddenly so much more of a little person! His daycare teacher sent all the parents an email about a conversation--a child-initiated conversation--that all the kids had about their grandmothers. And the big thing with the kids right now is playing "bad guys." And they like to make up "games." It's a whole new world! Like you said, we see them every day, but when did this happen????

Karen said...

Now that Katie is here, Michael looks huge to me. It's like my baby suddenly grew up. I want to keep them small forever.

Mel said...

Sometimes I look at Analese lately and I have to blink twice. I know the change was gradual, but sometimes I think it happened overnight. And even recently I have referred to her as a toddler, but I realize that is a falsehood. Toddle nothing! She is climbing on al the playground structures and running and doing ballet and tap and gymnastics! I can't believe how much she has matured. She is a little kid now!