Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Have Plesiosaurs in My Bathtub and other Problems

After my brief brush with potential Swine Flu hysteria last week I decided to chill out and not worry so much. Between the helpful comments I received and a serious dose of cabin fever from way too much rain, we decided to venture out this weekend. In fact, we went out to dinner on Friday evening, went shopping for Michael at the outlets on Saturday, and went to a great birthday party on Sunday. Talk about throwing hysteria to the wind. It made for a great weekend.

So, this brings me to other problems that arise when you have a three year old in the house.

First, the dinosaurs. Now that I have lived with a dinosaur obsessed child for a while, I understand how they ruled the earth for millions of years. Those buggers are sharp. They have sharp teeth, sharp claws, horns and other pointy things attached all over them. They also seem to reproduce like bunny rabbits. I have dinosaurs in my living room, Pterodactyls in my trunk, and Plesiosaurs in my bathtub. How does that happen? Are they migrating in the middle of the night in the Great Toy Box Escape?

Now that I think about it, how does something as spiky as an anklyosaurus reproduce anyway? Ouch!

My second problem is the stupid straw cups. The Bottle Fairy really should have taken into account that straw cups are a bigger pain in the butt to wash than the bottles were. They have tons of nooks and crannies where spoiled milk can hide and rot. Michael's about 50/50 with a regular cup, so unless the Straw Cup Fairy plans on delivering some new furniture when she takes away the cups, I guess we'll have to suffer through with the bottle brush for a little while longer.

I guess we could just cover all of our furntiture in plastic...

Never mind, forget I ever mentioned that.

My final probem? I'm sick of Mac 'n Cheese. I'm pretty sure that one's self explanatory. I mean, I'm glad that Michael's eating something, but when "variety" means switching things up from Sponge Bob noodles to Dinosaur noodles, things might just be getting a little redundant.

Which reminds me...I have dinosaurs in my kitchen too.


LauraC said...

Casa Case rule #547: we do not buy any kitchen implements for the kids that don't go in the dishwasher. We're starting to get perilously close to the "are those kids drinking from sippy cups" age but I don't care bc I'm not washing straw cup sippies!

Mel said...

I agree with Laura!! And don't feel bad. Sometimes variety for us is Mac n cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich, or maybe a cheese stick. Detect a theme here?

Stacey said...

I hear you on the mac and cheese!

As for the sippy cups, I don't think our little ones are too old. When I watch my 4th graders sip on their water bottles through those spout things all day I realize people never really give up the bottle/sippy.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha on mac and cheese and yah for the ones agreeing with only dishwasher utensils/cups!

Julie said...

Straw cup sippy cups are the BIGGEST PITA. Lana will not drink out of regular sippy cups--its straw cups or no hydration. The easiest ones to clean and assemble are the Playtex ones--they are one of the cheapest too and BPA free. The Munchkin ones (if I remembered that correctly) made me curse every single time I had to stick that straw in and turn the thingy at the same time!!