Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bird Attacks - I've got an App for That

I was such a dolt yesterday.

When Michael and I got home, he insisted on playing in his sand and water table. He was so determined that he walked right in the front door, marched straight through the house, and started to unlock the back door to the deck. I decided to have a yes moment, so I let him out to play. However, I can't really leave him out there alone, so I made myself comfortable while he played with his dinosaurs in the sand.

I was playing with my iPhone and decided to try out one of my apps. The app is the iBird field guide to birds. It's a very good field guide and the main reason I bought it was because it includes the calls for most of the birds in the index. I'm enough of a bird geek that I like to be able to identify birds solely by their sound, so having the songs on a pocket sized device if very helpful.

When I originally read the description for iBird, it claimed that the calls are loud enough to be used to call a bird to you. I'll be honest, I didn't really believe them. Ever the curious little kid, I decided that the only way to find out for certain would be to try it out. We have a lot of Gray Catbirds in the area, so I decided to give the Catbird call a try. It sounded so good, that I couldn't tell the difference between the real bird calls I was hearing and the recorded call coming from my phone.

Now, this is the stupid part. I know that Catbirds aggressively defend their nests. I also had a strong suspicion that we have a Catbird nesting in one of our shrubs. But, for some reason it never occurred to me that playing a Catbird song within 10 feet of a Catbird nest might be a problem.

Well, it was. About thirty seconds into the call, a very pissed off Catbird darted out from under our grill and flew straight for me. I jumped and screamed and the poor Catbird zigged away about 5 feet from me, clearly startled by the very human looking Catbird that had invaded his territory. I quickly shut off the bird song while my heart was still pounding in my chest.

Michael noticed the whole exchange and asked me what was going on. "Your mommy just showed very poor judgment, that's all sweetie."


Beth said...

ROTFLMAO!!! People in my office are looking at me funny. That's a great story. Even better that Michael witnessed it all! I gotta download that app now, but I'll remember this before I go bird calling!

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

That was hilarious! thanks for the laugh :-)

LauraC said...


It reminds me of the time Jon pressed a button in our brand new apartment. We pressed it after we had been in a car together for 16 hours driving to our new place. Did I mention this was right after my ear surgery?

Yeah that button was the panic alarm button on our apt security system. It blared for 20 minutes bc we didn't have the code. After SIXTEEN HOURS in a car together.

At least you're curious.

Email me other iphone app recommendations!

Mel said...

HILARIOUS! That sounds like a cool app! I may have to try that one. And then you can say I TOLD YOU SO!

Stacey said...

I am not going to share this post with my husband because he'll immediately download the app and head outside.

Maria said...

What I wouldn't have given to see that unfold! You are too funny.