Monday, June 15, 2009

I hope this is an Outlier

Michael has been working the bedtime stalling angle for a few months now. I've gotten pretty used to the various approaches he takes from pretending he needs to pee, to hiding behind the end table, to trying to get me to read four books. We have been able to keep them under control and bedtime has been going pretty well despite all of his efforts. Once I get him tucked into his crib we rarely hear a peep out of him.

Yes, my three year old is still in a crib. This has been a perfect case of if it ain't broke, don't fix it. We have been doing the same bedtime routine for 2 years now and we tweak it if need be, but for the most part it works. Michael could get out of his crib if he tried, but since he hasn't tried yet we keep doing what we are doing.

Last night was not business as usual. I don't know what got into Michael but about five minutes after I put him down for the night he called me back saying he had a tummy ache. I had a feeling it was just a ploy, but because he's never called me back into his room like that, I didn't want to chance it.

It was a ploy. He blew it after a few minutes and switched tactics. He tried the scary monster approach, which is a first. I explained that the only monster in the house was friendly like Cookie Monster. He switched approaches again. (Maybe he sensed that I was about to sing "C" is for Cookie and HAD to put an stop to that.) Next he tried telling me that he was too cold and that he needed to go downstairs where it's warmer. His room is the warmest room in the house, so I wasn't buying that. He finally broke down and said that he needed me. Hmm...I don't have a defense for that one. So, I held him on my lap for a little while and we rocked.

About half an hour after all this started, I was able to get him back in his crib. I kissed him good night and left the room. He started crying as soon as I was out the door, but this time I just let him go. I really expected him to climb out of the crib at that point, but he didn't. He cried for two or three minutes and then fell fast asleep. I have no idea what happened last night, but I hope this isn't the beginning of a trend.

Don't worry, I'm ready for the switch to a toddler bed if need be. We were prepared to make the switch a year ago, but held off because things were working so well. I suppose it's unrealistic to think that he might last in the crib until he's old enough to head off to college.


Beth said...

LOL--I think your philosophy has served you well. You can't blame a kid for trying to mix it up a bit! William tries the bedtime stalling tricks every.single.night. But you're right--the "I need you" tactic is quite effective!

LauraC said...

Funny, I just finished Outliers on vacation!

Nate says I need you a lot too. Or I need something. Yeah, you need to go to sleep!! ha ha

Mel said...

Funny visual on Michael taking his crib to college LOL! Three year olds are good at those stalling techniques. Analese is pulling the "There's a monster in my room" one now. I usually ask her if it is Elmo, Cookie Monster or Grover!

Karen said...

Must be something in the water that these boys are drinking with dinner. My Michael pulls the same stunts every night!

Julie said...

I think its great Michael is still in a crib! I moved Lana too soon and it was disaster. Stall techniques can get so creative--you gotta give him credit for that!