Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh Snarfle!

I have this odd habit of doing silly things simply for my own amusement. Normally it's no big deal, but sometimes it turns around and really bites me on the butt. This happened the other night, and I'm still paying the price.

Part of Michael's bedtime routine includes me reading him three books. The child has about 30 books on the nightstand to choose from, but every night I have to read at least two of the same books that I have been reading for what seems like the last 30 years. Dinosaur Dinners and Corduroy are getting a bit old at this point, but I understand that children like repetition so I deal with it.

Recently, however, he's been getting very wiggly during story time. He squirms around on my lap, he tries to stick his toes up my nose, and he interrupts my reading with classic stalling tactics. (Think "Mommy you need to wear these pants to bed" not "what is that picture".) I can put up with reading the same stupid book over and over again, but if he isn't even going to listen to me, what's the point?

So, I got silly. I just started replacing random words in Dinosaur Dinners with my own gibberish word, "snarfle." So instead of saying "Dinosaurs that don't eat meat need protection from meat eaters," I would say, "Snarfles that don't eat snarfle need protection from meat snarflers." Michael didn't react at all to it until I was mostly through the book. Somehow, while wiggling and trying to cover my face with Shirt, he also noticed what I was saying. He also noticed my inconsistencies in the use of "snarfle" and corrected me. If I replaced the word "leaves" with "snarfle" on one page, I had to do it on every page. What started out as a silly joke for my own amusment has turned into an exhausting mental exercise while I try to remember just when and where I am supposed to use the word "snarfle".

Of course, he remembered this the next night, and the next. The only way I can make sure to cover all of the previous "snarfles" is to keep adding them in any place that I can. Last night I found myself singing "Rock-a-bye Snarfle". Once Michael was lying down, I tucked in his snarfles and said good night to my littlle Snarfle.

As I was walking out of his room cursing myself for creating such a snarfle, I heard, "I love you mommy Snarfle." I just snarfled on the spot.


ElizabethE said...

This is super cute.

Stacey said...

Cute! I've never tried putting in an imaginary word in place of a word. Sometimes I replace character names with the names of people we know. I like to throw the wrong word in here and there and it astounds me that Cole can correct me almost all the time in almost all the books we have. Kids and their memories!