Thursday, June 4, 2009

Suggestions Welcome

I've been pretty laid back about the whole potty training thing. I think Stacey summed up my reason very well when she was discussing Cole.

"I've specifically avoided putting any pressure on Cole to use the potty because he is so painfully contrary that he'd stay in diapers until he was 25 if he knew I wanted the opposite."

That is exactly how Michael is as well. I'm fine with how things are going. Michael will not ask to go potty, but he will go potty most evenings before bedtime. He clearly understands how to control when he pees, because he can hold it until he's on the potty or pee on demand when Hershey's Kisses are involved. (Sometimes he get's excited about the Kisses and takes off before he's finished, but that's a different problem.) I figure this is progress, so I haven't seen any need for changes in what we are doing.

That is until recently. Michael normally saves his poopy diapers for my mom -he's a good kid, I tell you - but the last few days he's gone right before bedtime. Instead of heading to the potty for the the Hershey's kiss bribery, I've laid him down on the floor for a diaper change. When this happened the other night, I opened his diaper and went for a wipe. He immediately peed on me. I had a sneaking suspicion that it may have been intentional, but I couldn't be sure. Last night, we had a repeat. Everything was the same except for the grin on his face while he peed on me. The little stinker did it on purpose!

I think it's time for a change to the standard operating procedure. Does anyone have any suggestions?


LauraC said...

Considering Alex isn't potty trained, I can not really give advice but Nate IS trained so I can give advice right?

Use the incentives to train him. That's why we did with Nate: sheer bribery. The kid is smart and we tried incentives to see what happened. For Nate, food incentives did not work. Computer incentive did work. And once he was wearing underwear, we didn't let him go back. Now he flat out refuses to wear a diaper.

Alex is a different story. He does not respond to incentives. He pees randomly.

But peeing in the face? That would be timeout material in our house. I would warn him before you change him that if he pees on you, he's going to timeout.

JenFen said...

I would agree with Laura on this one. He is knowingly peeing on you. I would warn him and then put him promptly in timeout if he does it anyway. It has nothing to with potty training and all about being defiant.

As far as the actually potty training goes, Jake was 3 1/2 so I know what it is like to be taking any cue that he is ready and trying to be patient. But if he is going number 2 the same time every night, I would start putting him on the potty during that time and do anything to keep him there long enough to be sucessful (aka handheld video game, reading books, singing songs etc). For us, once Jake started pooping on the potty and getting rewarded for it, the peeing and staying dry came easily. Good luck and keep us posted.

Maria said...

I would tell him that if he can wait to pee on you then he doesn't need diapers anymore. Then I would keep him naked from the waist down for the entire weekend and give him lots of praise and chocolte for successes. I gave Maya tons of juice for the first week, that way she had to pee a lot and recognized the urge quickly. I would ditch the diapers now, if he can hold it to pee on you he doesn't need them anymore. But I'm mean like that.

Maria said...

I wouldn't do timeouts, I would just take his diapers away. Timeouts to me would associate peeing (at all) with something negative (time out) and that may be counter productive, but that's just me...I wouldn't let the peeing in the face go unnoticed.

Mel said...

The only thing that finally worked for Analese was taking the diapers away. I mean we went totally cold turkey on diapers. And it really was not as hard as I thought it would be. She did get the hang of it very quickly. I think we started on a Sunday, and by Thursday of that week she was not even having accidents. Of course I took her to the potty very often the first couple of weeks. Now I don't even have to remind her. She goes on her own! Anyway, the disposable pull-ups were sending her a mixed signal. She knew that she was in a diaper and why bother going to potty in the middle of Dora when she could just let it loose in her diaper KWIM?

Stacey said...

I say make your husband change him from now on.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness....I totally agree on just going diaper free, either with clothes or without, but I would say definately ditch the diapers. I would also give him a warning before this evenings change and give a timeout if he does pee on you....
Can you imagine what we are going to go through when they are teens?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I did somthing called 3 day potty training. Look it up on the web. I think its:
I did this with my last 2 kids (where was this when I did my first 2) and it was amazing!! With my 3rd it took 1 1/2 days (it was just before his 3rd bday) but for my 4th it took the full 3 days. She was only 23 mos. Completely trained, even at night!! Its been over 6 mos now, and from day 3 I can count on 1 hand how many "accidents" we have had, for both of them!!! The book was about $20 but well worth the new pair of shoes I treated myself to with the money I am saving from not buying diapers for 2!!! No pull ups, no diapers, just superhero undies, and pretty princess panties!