Monday, June 22, 2009

You know what would be funny?

Yesterday was father's day. Michael and I went all out for Andy. I made French Toast for breakfast and rib eyes for dinner. Michael bought his daddy a new satellite radio receiver, even though he really thought daddy would prefer dinosaurs. Michael also yelled "Happy Father's Day" about 20 times though out the day. What more can a father ask for?

I may have done one more thing for Father's Day.

Michael and I do your weekly grocery shopping on Sunday mornings. Our current shopping battle is over those stupid $2.99 toys that they hang all over the shelves of the store. There are packages of 4 squishy letter blocks in the shampoo aisle, Spiderman spoons by the bread, and little round garbage disposal balls in the baking aisle. (They are balls, therefore they must be toys in Mcihael's mind.) Every week, Michael wants me to purchase one of these stupid toys. I admit, I did cave in once and got the stupid blocks, but I've stood my ground on the spoons and the garbage disposal balls - even though we could probably use them. Michael needs to learn that he doesn't get a toy every time we go to a store.

Yesterday, the toy that caught his attention was a package with two water guns. I started to say no, just on principle, but then gave it a second thought. I took the package down and handed it to Michael.

"Michael, you know what would be really funny?"

"What mommy?"

"If you took your squirt gun outside and squirted daddy with water." He seemed to think it was funny too, so we kept talking about it as we completed our shopping.

Once we got home, I filled up both guns, handed one to each of the boys, and sent them outside with a "Happy Father's Day"!

It was pretty funny.


LauraC said...

That is funny!
Jon asked for a tv for our bedroom for father's day. BONUS for me!

Maria said...


Karen said...

Sounds like fun!!

Deanna said...

And what happened after the water gun found your backside as a target??

Mama Mia said...