Thursday, July 2, 2009

Heading down the shore

One of the big lessons I have learned about parenting is that managing my own expectations is often the sole factor that determines if something is a success or a failure. In many ways, I felt that our trip to the beach last fall was a failure. By the time it was over, I was exhausted, disappointed, and frustrated. I was able to enjoy the good parts, but they were over shadowed by some of the problems we had. (Like Michael refusing to go to bed until we did, and then sleeping on my head all night.)

Tomorrow we are heading down to the beach to visit my dad. I'm excited for Michael to get some time to spend with my dad. I'm excited to let Michael play in the big sand box. I'm particularly interested in how he reacts to the ocean this time around, considering that last time he ran full speed into the ocean without blinking an eye. But, I'm a little more cautious with my expectations this time. Here are a few of the expectations I've been working on.

  • I fully expect that Michael will not go to sleep until Andy and I do and that he will only sleep in bed with us
  • I do not expect to sleep well, so we are only going to spend one night
  • I expect that Michael will run straight into the ocean
  • I expect Michael to decide that he wants nothing to do with the ocean
  • I expect that Michael will want to go to the playground across the street at inopportune times
  • I expect that my dad will make comments like "don't hover" and "don't let him walk all over you" followed up with "I don't want to be the bad guy" when I suggest he try what he's recommending
  • I expect that my hair will be frizzy the whole time
  • I expect a lot of traffic on the ride down, so we will be taking the portable DVD player
  • I expect to listen to "Here Come the 1,2,3s" enough times that I'll be singing "On no, no I never go to work" on my way into the office on Monday
  • I expect that I will eat too much soft serve and fudge
  • I expect Andy to complain about the humidity - even though his hair won't be frizzy
  • I expect that I'll be very happy to get home on Saturday evening
I think that should cover it. I'll let you all know on Monday how it turned out.


LauraC said...

Have a good trip! I think keeping expectations low is key to enjoying experiences with the boys. Instead we try to enjoy that we get to stay up late with the boys and then get to cuddle all night with them.

Can't wait to see pics!

Carrie77 said...

Our last family vacation was when Nathan turned 1. He threw up the entire vacation, we even had to take him to the ER. Then on the 16 hour drive back, I started puking. I have been afraid to go on vacation ever since... but, we are going to go to the beach next summer when Nathan is 4 and Autumn 1 1/2. Wish us luck...haha! You'll have fun, and you are so right in having no expectations! You just can't at their age.

Maria said...

Sounds like the exact right plan to me! Have fun.

connie said...

I wanted to say good luck and I will be thinking about you all. Try to have fun, and oh eay some fudge for me.