Friday, July 17, 2009

Phone Photo Friday

Laura had a great idea for a post today, and I decided to play along. I'm glad too, because I forgot all about these pictures I had taken a few weeks ago.


It's bad enough that I leave my shoes all over the house. It drives Andy crazy. But, I think he was even less pleased to walk in and discover his son wearing my favorite opened toed pumps. I can kind of understand, I mean who wears socks with open toed pumps? Seriously!


Michael thought he had mastered this walking thing. He has no idea.


LauraC said...

And you claim not to be stylish yet you have those shoes?!

Joanna said...

Laura - LOL. What Not to Wear has been my saving grace. I also only buy complete outfits from stores that have well dressed women to help me make my selections.

Mama Mia said...

I leave my shoes all over too!!

Karla said...

Love it! (And What Not to Wear!)