Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shirt = Missing

I knew something was wrong when my mom called me yesterday afternoon. She never calls me. I answered hesitantly. "Hello?"

"I've spent the past two hours looking for Shirt. I can't find it." She confessed.

My heart sank. Not Michael's beloved shirt. My old maternity shirt that I stuck in his crib one night to comfort him. The Shirt that he snuggles with when he's sad or tired. The Shirt that he's been dragging around with him for the past two years. The shirt that I DO NOT HAVE A REPLACEMENT FOR!

We talked over the entire day. When was the last time you saw shirt? Did you go any where today? Did he throw it off the balcony? We narrowed down that Shirt had made it to my mom's in the morning. They never went onto the balcony. In fact, the only place they went was the trash room. We determined that Shirt is either somewhere in her apartment...or down the trash chute.

Andy helped my mom look when he picked Michael up. No Shirt.

I stopped on my way home and did another search. Nothing. I was so upset over losing shirt that I even went down to the trash dumpster to see if I could find my mom's trash bag. I was prepared to go dumpster diving in a skirt and high heals if necessary. Unfortunately, The top of the dumpster was secured and I couldn't find one of the maintenance men to open it. I left in defeat.

I wasn't sure how the evening would go without Shirt. Michael did ask for Shirt once, but he seemed OK when I explained that I couldn't find Shirt. I thought bedtime would be bad, but after fighting to avoid having his PJs changed, Michael agreed to head upstairs without an issue. He didn't even ask for Shirt. He fell asleep without any problem. He did ask for Shirt once this morning, but once again seemed OK when I explained we couldn't find it. Overall, it doesn't seem to be bothering him much.

I, on the other hand, am having trouble with the whole thing. Last night I had a dream that I was looking for something in the house I grew up in. (The house that I searched a number of times for my missing blankie). After a little while I realzied that I was looking for Michael. He was missing and I couldn't find him. It was very distressing. It upset me so much I woke up in the middle of the night and almost got up to make sure Michael was asleep in his crib.

I will admit that in some ways I think this might be a good thing. Shirt is pretty gross at this point, and dragging it back and forth every day is getting old. Maybe it's a good time for a clean break.

Of course, we still don't know for sure that Shirt won't turn up. Wouldn't it really stink if Michael survived the separation and was over Shirt, only to have him find it again a few weeks from now? I think I'll advise my mom to keep it hidden if she finds it when Michael is not around.


Julie said...

OMG, I gasped when I read the title! I am glad Michael seems to be okay with his missing shirt. Funny thing is that we misplaced Hello Kitty this week, her favorite stuffie, who is also huge, so I am not sure how she can be missing. I also think its at Grandma's, but she can't find it and its not here. Lana seems okay with it. Now if it were her pink blanket that was missing, I think we would have some trouble...

p.s. I have had some "I lost my kid" or "I left her home alone" dreams and they are heart-pounders!

LauraC said...

I wonder if you are feeling lost bc you know the comfort your shirt provided you. And also it was such an integral part of childhood.

I've found Nate and Alex's choice of loveys has changed over time. It used to be these dogs they could not sleep without. Now it is baby puppy for Alex and original lovey for Nate. We have tons of backups for each but I often wonder why their mood changes and their preference changes.

Karla said...

I am impressed that Michael has handled the loss of Shirt so well! I too gasped when I saw the title of your post and had to read it right away!!!

Mel said...

That actually happened with Analese's beloved bunny last fall. She had dropped it under a table in the corner of our garage last fall. It was missing for several weeks and then we found it. She has not let go of it since! But as far as loveys go, I really don't mind ole bunny. Bunny washes really well and I do "give bunny a bath" in the washing machine every couple of weeks. She may take bunny to college. Maybe the same college where Michael will be sleeping in his crib LOL!

Mama Mia said...

WOW I am very impressed at how he is handling it..what a big boy

DesiDVM said...

Oh, man, that sucks. Getting rid of the binky was an ordeal, but J made it through. Getting him to let go of his lovey "Blankie", however, freaks me out. And we have no replacement, it's a blanket my mom made for him--it was actually in his basinette in the hospital the day he was born. Hopefully letting go of shirt won't be too hard...

Karen said...

I am impressed with how well Michael did with Shirt missing. My Michael doesn't have anything like that, even though Todd has tried to get him attached to several items. He's like me in that aspect!

Hope that you can get a better night's sleep tonight.