Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bad pictures? I've got an app, I mean kid, for that.

This was supposed to be my post last Friday, but I was busy and never got around to it. I was going to wait until this Friday, but when Lindsay commented about never seeing me smile, I decided to go for it. And yes, I did just almost call Michael an app instead of a child.

Apple has done such a good job engineering the iPhone that many of it's features are easy enough for a three year old to use. Michael loves my iPhone and frequently takes it from me. He rearranges my icons, types gibberish messages in my Notes, and fills in the wrong answers on my Suduko puzzles. But, if it keeps him happy at a restaurant or awake in the car, I'm fine with that. I also love checking my photo roll to see what kind of pictures he takes when he's playing with it.

I have tons of pictures of Larry the mama snake.


As well as my mom's poor dumb cat. She's a sweet kitty but she's too stupid to learn to stay away from Michael when he gets a little rough.


While he was taking pictures of his cup, I was drinking my soda without any interruptions. Thank you Apple!


I expect this face to earn me a "Mother, would you please grow up" comment within the next few years.


And finally, the elusive Joanna smile that is rarely captured on film. I'm incapable of smiling for a camera without looking like I'm in pain. This is not the best picture of me, but it is a real smile. (And both of those chins are real too.)



Lindsay said...

Yea for the smile! =)

LauraC said...

WOO HOO smile. I've seen you smile and it looks normal.

Hey when we're in NY I'll teach you how to smile for pics. My sister taught me. Isn't that stupid?! But if you look at all the pics of me, I have the same smile over and over. Practice baby. She taught me for my wedding.

Lisa and Curtis said...

LOL that was a great post!

Mel said...

You are so cute! I think it is amazing that Analese knows how to get to anything she wants to on my iPhone. I did ask her to PLEASE not rearrange my icons, though. The pics she takes are hilarious. Some of them I CAN'T post on phone photo Friday. Let's see, the naked ones of me getting out of the shower - you know, stuff like that!

Karen said...

Love the pictures, especially the last one!!

I second Laura's comment about smiling in pics. I have it down perfectly!!

Deanna said...

He takes very interesting pictures!

And you have a great smile! There is NO double chin! If you wanna see double chin, I'll upload one of mine to my blog!

London said...

Wonderful pic!!!

London said...

Also, please make that your new profile pic.

And also, when you meet me in NYC you'd better look like this!

Kara said...

Great Pictures! Also a yay for the smile!

Julie said...

Great picture of you!! It must be something build into those May baby's. I never know what kind of pictures I am going to find on my blackberry or either one of my digital cameras. It amazes me what Cam can do with my blackberry. He is also very good at figuring out how to call one particular friend of mine that he likes. He usually calls her two or three times a week.