Friday, August 28, 2009

Two Confessions

This post was supposed to be Phone Photo Friday and one confession, but I have a confession to make. No matter how easy and fool-proof you make technology, I will always be able to accidentally make it fail. Somehow, between putting my iPhone in my pocket this morning, and then taking it out 3 hours later, I managed to run the battery down. Which means that I cannot download the photos that I wanted to post today.

It also means that something is going on in my back pocket that runs my battery down. You don't think my butt has a twitter account, do you? That would be bad, especially if it's posting pictures of itself.

So, my first confession is that my smart phone is not smart enough to make up for my cell phone disability.

The second confession has to do with a very strong belief that I hold. I try not to judge people for their beliefs or actions as long as they don't negatively impact others. I don't like most Jazz music, but I can appreciate that other people get something out of it that I don't. You want to get your tongue pierced, that's fine, just please don't describe the process to me. You know, to each his own.

But that's not true when it comes to running. For many years now I've thought that people who run are crazy. CRAZY, I tell you. I can see running for a game like basket ball, there's a point behind it. But to just run for the sake of running? Why would anyone do anything like that to themselves? I remember when they made us run the mile in high school, and the trips I used to take to the nurses office after I completed the run. I never understood how it was legal to not only force us to run, but to grade us on it.

So, I have had a long standing policy that I. DO. NOT. RUN.

Then, three things happened all at the same time. The first has to do with that weight I lost at the beginning of the year. It turns out that it wasn't lost, it was just vacationing. In the past few months it's returned home and my size 10 jeans no longer fit. I ride the exercise bike for 70 minutes 4 times a week, there's just no room to add more of the same to my workout. The second thing that happened was that Andy switched up his exercise routine and included running into his new plan. And, the final thing was that I just happened to pick up a book in which the main character started running as a way to change her life.

I gave my workout a good deal of thought trying to figure out how to get more out of my workout without devoting even more time to it. Andy has mentioned several times (or many times if I'm being honest) that by doing the same thing over and over again I've become too efficient to get a good workout from it. I knew he was right, but I also knew that the best way to get a better workout would be for me to start running. But, I DO NOT RUN. Then again, I also don't follow rules very well. Even my own.

One evening back in July I decided to give running a try. I headed out to the park and did the two mile park road loop. I ran until I couldn't run and then I walked until I could run again. For 2 miles. And, I thought I was going to die. On the 25th, I tried it again. This time I thought my right eyeball was going to pulse right out of my head.

Since things were going so well, I decided to keep it up. Over the next several weeks I managed to decrease the eye popping blood, pulsing sensation while discovering what shin splints and knee pain feel like.

But, I also discovered that even while my shins hurt, the rest of me felt really good. After a run, I felt energized and my mind seemed clearer. I had to admit that maybe there is something to the jogging I see all those crazy people doing in the park. Maybe they aren't crazy. Maybe they actually enjoy running. Maybe I might actually enjoy running.

If only my knees would agree with that.

I did some research to help me figure out why my shins and knees hurt. It turns out that maybe I was a little too gung-ho with my training plan. So I slowed things down a bit. It also turns out that I was running in sneakers that are pretty much the equivalent of hiking boots. So, I was fitted for a pair of running shoes. (And discovered that the North Wales Running Company Rocks!) Armed with good information and a great pair of shoes I have been hitting the park several times a week.

And you know what? I really enjoy running.

For all of the runners out there that I have been silently laughing at for years, I admit it, you were right.


LauraC said...

HA HA! (Simpsons Nelson laugh) (Hey what was the book you mentioned?)

I was the same way Joanna! This is why we are meant to be friends. Even though I played tennis competitively for 14+ years, I always hated running. Give me ANY other kind of exercise other than running. And we did a lot of running in tennis, softball, volleyball.

But when I hit my first runners high, when I felt like I could run forever OH YEAH.

We must plan a race together sometime!

LauraC said...

(Also do you keep your work key access card in your back pocket? That could drain the battery.)

Beth said...

I'm in the same camp, Joanna. Except my problem is that I not only hate running, I hate EXERCISE. LOL! I need to do something, though. So you might just make me a convert, too! I'll keep you posted.

Carrie77 said...

You are always so funny, I love your posts. I too would love to know the name of the book you read! Please share! And goodluck on your running adventures!

Julie said...

You always make me laugh Joanna and tonight, I really needed it, so thanks!

I am still convinced runners are bizarre though. I only run when chased.

London said...

Good for you! I'm totally not into running. My dad does it, and so does my husband. It looks like torture to me. I'd rather stay inside and do some sort of aerobics. But I have to admit, like you said, people who do run, really seem to love it. That's interesting to me...of course, not enough to make me want to try it!

Deanna said...

I used to run four or five days a week in college. I've tried it a few times again in the past several months. A lot more jiggles now than it used to. Maybe I'll give it another try. You're inspiring me, Joanna!!!!