Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a Weekend!

I ended up taking a four day weekend. It was much needed and well worth using precious time off.

Thursday night Andy and I went to the Elton John/Billy Joel concert. It took us two hours to drive the 35 miles to the stadium, but we made it in time to find our seats and buy drinks ($4.00 for a bottle of water) before the concert started. It was, without a doubt, the best concert I have ever been to. The two team up to make a great show. If they come back around, I'd go again in a heartbeat.

Friday we decided to take Michael to see his first movie in a theater. We picked Ice Age 3 because it's been out for a while and would probably have a small crowd and because it has dinosaurs. Michael didn't understand why he needed to be quiet, but once the initial novelty of the theater wore off he settled down on my lap and watched the entire movie. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it went.

Friday evening we pushed Michael even further and went out to dinner at Panera. Michael sat in a big boy chair and managed to keep the wiggling to a minimum. The only time he really moved around a lot was when he was looking for people to say "Hello" to. I think he introduced himself to everyone in the restaurant. Most amazingly, he actually ate most of his grilled cheese sandwich and sucked down his entire tube of yogurt. It's rare to see him eat that much at one sitting.

After that, we pushed our luck even more and took Michael to Ikea. I'm sure the people at Ikea don't feel this way, but it is the perfect place to let kids burn off steam. Michael had a blast. When we went down into the market place, however, he wasn't too thrilled about being placed in a cart. I can't blame him seeing how much cool stuff there is to climb on and break. For such a busy day, I think he held up reasonably well.

Satruday we really pushed the envelope. In the morning I took Michael to get his hair cut. He's always been good about that, but this time he was a little nervous. I thought I was going to have to sit him on my lap, but at the last minute he let go and let the stylist cut his hair.

As a reward, I took him to Burger King to play on the playground. I won't be doing that again any time soon. Michael climbed up one of the slides and than got too scared to come down. That isn't a big deal except the playground isn't really designed for tall people. I spent about ten minutes trying to coax him down before giving up and climbing up the slide myself. I'm glad he didn't decide the make me chase him through the whole contraption. I don't think I could have caught him in there. (Although, I'm sure all the other parents would have gotten a chuckle out of it.)

Once we got home, we decided to head out to LL Bean to do some shopping. Michael was able to catch a nap on the way, so he was in a good mood once we got there. He was a real trooper and allowed us to not only shop, but also to finally try out the Red Robin in the shopping center. We had another plesant meal. Once again, Michael introduced himself to everyone in the restaurant. It was very cute.

Sunday we had torrential rainstorms and decided to just relax. Michael and I did venture out in the afternoon to do some grocery shopping, but that was about it.

Looking back, it really was a great weekend. However, sprinkled in with all of the fun and excitement, we also had some really bad moments with Michael. Maybe we tried to do too much, or maybe that's just the nature of having a three-year-old, but there were some times when I was frustrated beyond belief. One of those times was in the grocery store when Michael freaked out because I would not buy him carrots. I had already given in on the watermelon, so carrots that he would just chew and spit out were not an option. He also had a major fit in the bathtub that included throwing a drenched washcloth at me and splashing water all over the bathroom. Most of the fits were short lived, but what they lacked in duration they made up for in intensity. For some reason, my glasses seemed to be the target of most of the tantrums, and I'm really surprised that they survived the weekend.

Yesterday I took a whole day off to myself, and I'll fill you all in on that later.


Steph said...

Sounds great! So glad the concert was fun, I can just imagine that the two of them are great performers. Congrats on all the adventures w/Michael going so well. I have yet to attempt the theater w/Cooper. I think at this point he would freak out about the noise level.

My only tip on the grocery store thing because Cooper will also freak out about certain foods that I know he will not eat is to put them in the cart, and then when he's not looking put them back. Crisis/meltdown averted if he doesn't realize what's going on.

LauraC said...

Having to climb to the top of the play area to get down Alex is THE reason I hate being shorter than Jon. The latest place I pulled him out of was Fargo Mcdonalds on the way to the airport where I desperately needed coffee.


Beth said...

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Sounds like typical 3-year-old territory! The key is having more good than bad, and it sounds like your weekend was just that. The best we can hope for, right? And wow--a day to yourself? Is there such a thing? I'm glad you're going to devote a whole post to it! LOL.

Mel said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! I've heard great things about that concert. I know a couple of people who have seem them in concert together.

Mama Mia said...

I am SO jealous of the concert...

Karla said...

That sounds like the perfect movie for Michael! What a fun-filled week-end. I hear ya on the melt-downs...they are so intense lately!

Julie said...

WOW--what a great weekend! It sounds like Michael had a great time as well. I am so impressed that he sat through the entire movie! Last week I took Lana to her first movie as well (to escape the horrendous heat). She was good until the popcorn ran out--then she was done. We stayed the whole time, but she didn't really watch the movie.

I totally agree about Ikea being the perfect place for a toddler to blow off some steam. We have had many rainy Saturdays just hanging at Ikea, having a cheap and yummy lunch in their cafeteria.

Your date night sounded like fun too--Yay to a great weekend all around, despite a few hits to your glasses;)