Monday, September 14, 2009

It's over already?

Why is it that a week of vacation passes by in the blink of an eye, but a week at work can feel like it lasts for months?

In the spring we discussed going on a real vacation this year. We would love to do Disney, I am dying for a trip to Maine, even a week at the beach would be a nice change of pace. After our one night at the beach in July, we were reminded of the fact that Michael just does not sleep well in anything but his crib. We enjoyed the trip to the beach, but the thought of Michael sleeping on my head for a week lead me to agree with Andy that Michael is just not ready yet.

Instead, we did a number of day trips for vacation, and it worked very well. We went to Dutch Wonderland one day. We had a great time, but we were very happy to come home and the end of the day to our own beds. We hit the local zoo with friends another day. It was cool and cloudy, which the animals enjoyed as much as we did. The otters were actually running about, the wolves and foxes were awake (and eying us like we were yummy looking), and I even discovered that the zoo actually has two cougars. I've been taking Michael there for several years and have only ever seen one in the cage.

Michael really wanted to visit the dinosaur museum again so we figured why not. (Because it was pouring rain and I hate driving into the city in the rain, that's why not.) I expected him to rush around like a maniac the way he did the last time we were there, but things have changed a little since then. My little T Rex fan stood in front of the massive T Rex skeleton and all of the sudden realized that WOW that thing is HUGE and it has REALLY BIG TEETH. So, instead of running around the dinosaur exhibit, he spent most of his time in the Outside In room that's designed just for kids. It was much less exhausting for Andy and I, but I was a little sad that some of the magic has gone out of the dinosaur exhibit.

It was really nice to get to spend so much time with Michael. I'm happy that we did spend most of the time at home because it gave us a chance to just be a family without having to plan, or rush around, or worrying about getting Michael to bed at 5:30. It also meant that Michael got to do his favorite activity as well. Yes, that's right, Michael got to go to Ikea. Dutch Wonderland was nice, the zoo was nice, the dinosaur museum was nice...but, Ikea rocks! The cheapest, easiest part of the whole vacation was his favorite part. Typical...

While we enjoyed our little staycation, we would like to eventually go on a real vacation. So, to start preparing for that, Andy converted Michael's crib to a bed. I wasn't sure how it would go. In my mind I figured that the moment Michael realized he was free, I would never get him to sleep in the crib again. The next morning, I expected to find him asleep on the floor next to the gate I had put across the doorway. I expected him to pull everything out of his drawers in the middle of the night. I expected him to be excited.

I was so wrong. It's been a week, but Michael has not embraced his freedom. He will not leave the bed unless I'm there, and he would prefer if I lift him out instead of making him step out. I thought maybe after a few days he would catch on, but instead he informed me that he doesn't like his bed and that he wants his crib back. He even awoke several times and called out for us, which he hasn't done since he was 15 months old. It has not been at all the transition I had expected.

Then again, does anything with kids turn out the way you expect them to?


LauraC said...

I've been shocked lately at how my boys act like little boys instead of insane out of control constantly learning toddlers. They're growing up! boo hoo!

Maria said...

Sounds like a great time. If you come to Maine, we will have to visit. It would be so much fun to hang out with you guys in real life.

DesiDVM said...

We had a similar bed transition 8 months ago. I was ready for J to be wandering all over the house, falling down the stairs, sleeping on the floor, etc. It never happened...until now LOL. He's just figured out in the last few weeks that he can actually get out of his bed if he wants to so we have had a few random 10pm wanderings into our room lately. But for the most part it's been pain-free, go figure.

Deanna said...

It sounds like you all had a really nice week of staycationing! I think it's interesting that M had a different take on the dinosaurs. We took K down to Glen Rose this past weekend and one of the places we considered was the dinosaur tracks state park (which we didn't do because of all the rain). We drove over there just to see where it was and they had several full size dinosaurs on display outside...and there were intimidating to me! I wasn't sure what K would think but we might try that on a good weather day.

And I'm so glad you blog. There is so much we're going through with our little guy right now and my husband and I have the continuous conversation of "Is this normal?" "Will this ever end?" And I can go back and read what you were going through with Michael last year and see a lot of similarities. Thanks so much for sharing!

JenFen said...

Glad you enjoyed your staycation. I missed your blogs while you were gone. Glad the transition from crib to bed went well and I really liked your words about the dinosaur exhibit because it captures for me what it feels like to watch your kids grow up. Sometimes it is wonderful to see how much they have learned and then other times it is a little sad. I agree with LauraC - boohoo!