Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weak Stomach

What is it about little kids and weak stomachs? I guess their little, growing bodies need more protection from crud than adult stomachs or something. I don't know any adult that just all of the sudden needs to throw up, and then is fine once it's all over. But kids, that's a whole different story.

Michael was fine last evening. We played outside for a little while when we got home. We are having the nicest fall weather right now, and a number of kids were out having fun. Michael was right in there with them, clearly feeling fine.

He was a little cranky at dinner time, but it was pretty mild crankiness compared to some of the crazy 3-year-old behavior we have seen recently. Once I sat down with him after dinner, he cheered right up, and was pretty easy going up until bedtime. We started the routine as usual. He and Andy brushed his teeth, Michael blew kisses to me, and then he jumped up on my lap. We snuggled and started to read his bedtime stories.

Part way through Counting Kisses Michael mentioned that his tummy didn't feel good. I asked him about it, but he said it was OK. Having been down this route before, I didn't trust his judgment. When I noticed he was swallowing a lot, I grabbed a blanket and placed it over his lap. Good timing too. I managed to keep everything contained to items that can be washed in the washing machine. We headed into the bathroom and Michael finished emptying his stomach.

Then, he started jumping around, laughing, and insisting I give him a bath.

I have no idea what happened. It came out of nowhere, and once he was done he was fine. No fever, no complaints, and fortunately no repeats. This morning he was fine. We are keeping a close eye on him, but this seems like an anomaly. Kid's tummies are just weird.

Lets see, yesterday I blogged about boogers, today vomit. I guess I should work on a poop post for tomorrow to stick with the theme.

Then again, maybe not.


LauraC said...

NEVER EVER post that one vomit is an anamoly!!!

ha ha

We've had a couple of one vomit episodes. I did check everything we served the kids and one time I found their organic cheese was rotten (Jon and I had not eaten it). But the rest of the times, it's random and then irritating since we have to keep them home from school for a day.

Mel said...

Poor Michael. Hope he feels better, although it sounds like he bounced back right away! Oh, I already wrote a poop post this week, so we are covered in all departments LOL!

JenFen said...

Jake seems to have a weaker stomach than Jadyn and has had a couple of unsolved mysterious one puke wonders. Hope it was just a freak thing and he is feeling better today and quick thinking with the blanket. It is so much better when they learn not to just puke everywhere.

Karla said...

Yikes, not sure if I can handle your blog anymore...all this vomit, booger, poop talk! just kidding! lol

Hope Michael is feel alright!

Stacey said...

I hope all is still well in Michael's belly. We are lucky to have never had a stomachache here (knock on wood). But Will spits up so much that I'm pretty sure we won't be so lucky when he starts eating food.

Beth said...

Yes, you've almost got the trifecta! Don't stop now. Hope Michael continues to be okay! William once threw up on the Metro train, and then outside on the sidewalk (almost a year ago) and he still talks about it to this day. "Why did I throw up on the Metro, Mommy?" Good times!