Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And now for some randomness

Since London is hard at work growing the world's next superhero I'm going to steal her random Wednesday post for myself this week. I have tons of things running through my mind, but I'm really having trouble pinning a lot of them down. So, I'm just going to a data dump and try to get some of it out.

  • When Michael goes potty, he now has to climb up on the big toilet, drape his legs over the edges and then go pee pee. It's so funny to watch. I swear every time he does it that he's going to fall in, but he never has.
  • We only see this once a day because he will only use the potty before bed.
  • My mom will be having surgery in a few weeks. I'm a bit stressed out about it all. Not so much fear for her health, but how to juggle caring for her and Michael while doing all of my normal stuff. (Natural orifice robotic surgery to remove her uterus and ovaries for age related causes.)
  • They had a small animal event outside the work cafeteria today. They were giving away "free" kittens. They were so cute. I wanted to adopt the little black one.
  • I think Andy would divorce me if I brought home a kitten without consulting him.
  • I did not adopt the kitten.
  • Yesterday was a crazy day, full of crazy people. I'm glad I had sane people who witnessed it, otherwise I might think I'm the crazy person.
  • Michael's band-aide, from the flu shot he got last week, finally fell off at my mom's the other day. Michael looked at the band-aide, then at his arm and told my mom, "My band-aide came off and it took my booboo with it."
  • The next day, I found the band-aide that fell off at my mom's in Michael's bedroom. I have no idea how it got there. Well, I know who put it there, but not how he got it there.
  • My mom had several moles removed this week. Two of them were "melanoma type". My mom is not sure exactly what the dermatologist meant by that, but I sure do intend to find out.
  • Michael and I went to visit my sister's mostly finished new house on Saturday. My take was that it was very nice. Michael's take was that it was, "Boring, boring, boring."
  • My sister has to beagles. Her house is NEVER boring.
  • I have Gymbucks to spend...but I'm afraid of the damage that may cause.
That is all.


JenFen said...

LOL! I wish I could be as funny and witty as you and London but atlas, its just not in the cards for me most days. It sounds like you really need to adopt a pet for Michael, although I would recommend consulting the hubby first. Do you need me to post more pictures of the kids cuddling with our kitties to further tempt you?

I wish you all the best in juggling care for your mom and Michael when she has surgery and for a positive outcome for the moles she had removed.

Thanks for the randomness - I sure miss London's posts but growing superheros takes a lot of energy.

Steph said...

I hope that your mom's surgery goes well, and that she gets good results from her biopsies.

There is a rule on cats in our house too. If I get a cat, I lose a husband. Some days I'm tempted (ha ha!).

JenFen said...

About Gymbucks - I looked online first and planned my purchases. I didn't go crazy but it would be quite easy to.

LauraC said...

Keep me posted on your mom's diagnosis. My blogfriend windycityvegan actually lives here in Chapel Hill and she used to be a skin cancer advocate. She was invaluable for the followups.

Can you believe Jon and I were considering a beagle? How insane would our life be right now with a beagle and Nate and Alex?!?!

London said...

LOL thanks for taking up the cause for me in my absense. I want a kitten too, so bad. The Professor is anti-pet so that's totally out of the question. Oh and Batman has recently taken to going pee pee without the potty seat, I'm not a fan.

Deanna said...

Great randomness! Sorry to hear about your mom, I hope everything goes well and that healing goes quickly! I'm so not looking forward to potty training except that it will give me blog fodder.

Kara said...

LOL at the Gymbucks comment. I recently went a little crazy at The Children's Place. I mean like it was really bad. I submitted an order and then a few days later submitted another online order. Oh, but wait that's not the worst part.... I ordered the same shirt and pair of pants for Kendall that I ordered the first time so yep duplicates. I'm such an airhead. I guess my orders were so big I didn't notice. I was ordering for three girls, is that a good excuse?

Beth said...

I'm thinking of your mom and hoping all is well. And good luck with the juggling act while she's out of commission. This too shall pass. As for the cat, I'm a cat girl! But I'm all for marriage, so it's probably a good thing you passed. Hugs!

Karen said...

I had to laugh about the band-aid because my Michael took it off before we got in the car at the doctor's office. He does not like them AT ALL.