Monday, October 19, 2009

Best Party Ever

One of the things that I love about the neighborhood that we live in is the large number of kids right around Michael's age. It's nice for Michael to have friends so close. It's also nice that all of the parents are very nice as well. Two of the children were born on the same day, so the parents have to coordinate party times with one another. (Actually, Michale's friend J is only 6 days older, so we had to coordinate as well.) We had the first of the two parties this past weekend.

M's mom was planning on having the party at their house. They were going to have a bounce house all weekend, and we were all REALLY excited about having access to a bounce house that long. However, when she saw that the forecast was for pouring rain and 42 degree temps, M's mom changed the plans. They held the party at Bounce Town instead.

It was the best party ever. I had so much fun. I mean, Michael had so much fun. For 75 minutes the kids got to play on the huge bounce house, the huge bounce slide, the huge bounce obstacle course, and a indoor jungle gym. The only thing that would have made the party better would have been to switch out the kids for a keg of beer. (Oops, did I say that out loud?)

Michael loved the bounce house and he loved the obstacle course, but he wasn't having anything to do with the huge slide, or even the lower one on the obstacle course. I went down the slides many times trying to show him it was OK, but he just wasn't buying it. Andy got a little frustrated that Michael wouldn't even try it, but Michael is stubborn, and forcing the issue won't work.


He would climb up the ladder to the slide without any concern, but once he got to the top, he would back down again.


He was so cute peeking over the edge. I watched him from both sides of the slide as he climbed up and then climbed back down. I ran through the obstacle course a number of times, even getting stuck once, but he was having nothing to do with that slide.

Finally, Michael climbed up and sat at the top of the slide. I started up one ladder, and his friend J started up the other. I guess that was just the right time to be "stuck" at the top. He looked down at both of us then turned and went down the slide.

Of course, he loved it. So this is what we saw for the next 5 minutes.


We only saw it for 5 minutes because Michael waited until the very end of the 75 minutes before discovering what he was missing out on. He had to leave his new found love as soon as he discovered it. It's a good thing he was exhausted and ready for cake, or I can imagine that we would have had a huge tantrum on our hands. I just hope he remembers how fun it was the next time he balks at a slide.


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

That looks like tons of fun....I am planning my sons bday and the bounce place closest too us costs WAY too much. So we are having it at the bowling alley insead. Not as much fun as a bounce place, but better than nothing.

LauraC said...

Our place Bounce U must be the same chain, bc the houses are nearly identical. We went to a party there and Nate went crazy over it. Alex was too afraid.

Fast forward to open house at soccer, Nate held Alex's hand going down an inflatable slide bc alex was afraid. This led to them tobagganing down the slide for an hour. They were so exhausted afterwards I considered buying an industrial one for the backyard.

JenFen said...

We finally got an indoor bounce place semi-near us and I am hoping to take the kids for open bounce time as they both love, love, love bounce houses. Jake is a somewhat cautious kid like Michael and their has been SO many times I have gotten frustrated because he was afraid to do something I knew he would enjoy and I have had the same thing happen where he realizes the fun toward the very end. Hopefully, Michael will remember for next time.

Steph said...

We rented a bouncy house/slide combo when we had a combined party for Cooper and some cousins in May and it was a huge hit. Glad Michael learned he liked the slide even if it took him a while to get used to it!

Karla said...

Those things are great. What a fantastic way to wear kids out!!!

Lindsay said...

JTC was too afraid until VERY recently, but now he's all about the big slide. Fun!

We have tons of these indoor bouncy places around. One, called Boomerang, is just open to all - no private rooms. A friend and I took the kids last Thursday morning, and we were the ONLY ONES THERE. For $4 per kid. For 2 hours. Once AJC is big enough to do that stuff, I can see being regulars!

Karen said...

Looks like a great time! I wouldn't mind going to a bounce place myself.

Mel said...

That bounce house looks fun! I just found out that we have a place like that in our area called Pump it Up. Haven't been there yet, but it sounds like a good rainy day activity.