Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a Figment, or two, or three...

I've spoken to both Andy and my mom about the Chompers. We really don't have any idea where they came from. My mom speculates that it may have come from Dinosaur Train, but she's not positive. I've asked Michael what they look like, but each time he describes something entirely different. That leads me to believe that Chompers are just a generic boogey man sort of thing. If it was real, like a T Rex, he would typically give me an in depth description including what they eat and how many fingers they have.

To handle the Chompers, Andy made the "NO CHOMPERS ALLOWED" signs the first night. That didn't seem to be enough, so Andy started assigning special powers to PJs that ward off the Chompers. The last serious complaint I heard about Chompers was on Friday when we were driving home from the book store. Michael informed me that there were millions of Chompers on the road, and that I had to run over every one of them on the way home. Brutal, I know. At least I didn't have to make squishing sounds as I ran them over.

I've also noticed an uptick in his love/hate relationship with bears. He has refused to let me read Bear Snores On for over a year now. (Of course, it's my favorite.) But, every night he insists on having me read We're Going on a Bear Hunt. (Hate it!) Recently he has started talking to the characters in the book. He always tells them to go over the cave instead of going into it so they won't have to see the bear. Next, he started trying to change everything in the book. He mows the grass, heats up the cold river, and blows away the snow storm. He even tells the bear to be nice at the end of the book. It cracks me up that he wants to change everything in the book, but yet still loves it so much I have to read it to him every night.

I love seeing his imagination blossum, but recently it seems like everything he imagines is scary. It would be nice to see a little more fun come out of it all. Today, I got my wish.

We were playing balloon up on Andy's and my bed. We were pretending to launch, get caught in a storm, and deflate again. Michael had a pretend snail and Summer Tanager with him. He was also playing some word games. His favorite fake word at the moment is "neek".* Somehow, as we were playing, "neek" became "Nell". I explained that "Nell" is a girl's name. As we continued to play, "Nell" turned into "Nella" and then into "Ella". By the time we were done playing, Ella had become Michale's friend. By the end of the day, she had become a very vivid imaginary friend.

Ella, is a four year old girl. She rides in the car with us. She can hook her own harness. Michael always wants her to hold his hand. He's so cute holding her little imgainary hand. She went to the grocery store with us, and walked next to me just like Michael did. This evening she got a bath with him. When I was putting Michael's diaper on (still!) we talked about how Ella wears underpants and uses the potty. Ella went up to bed with Michael and he asked if she could sleep in his bed with him. Of course she can! When I was finished singing Rock a Bye Baby to him and tucking him in, Michael insisted that I sing to Ella as well.

You know, it's hard to believe that once upon a time I didn't want any children. I'm so glad that I changed my mind. I can't believe how blessed I am to have such a sweet and funny little boy.

*How do you catch a unique rabbit? You neek up on him.


LauraC said...

I can't imagine you without a kid either. Absolutely perfect as is.

Lindsay said...

Ok, I have to admit that sometimes I think Michael would be more than I could handle. But that is just PRECIOUS!

You are such an awesome Mom to play so actively with him. =)

Michele said...

Sounds so sweet! Michael has such a personality.

Oh an how do you catch a tame rabbit? TAME WAY

Karen said...

I was the same way about having kids and now I have 2. I can't imagine my life without them either. You do a great job with Michael and I think he has met his match.

Steph said...

What a great imagination! I love all the fun things that they can come up with. Hopefully the Chompers are short lived!

MyWorld said...

Playing balloon, huh? At least you didn't pretend like he was possibly in a fly-away balloon and alert the media in an attempt to make your family more marketable for a reality TV series.

Though I have to admit, I might just watch it.

Stacey said...

It sounds like you and Michael are perfect for each other.

Cole is the same way about bears. He loves "We're Going on a Bear Hunt". I actually like the book, but we made the mistake of checking out the cd from the library once. It was long and horribly boring, but Cole was crazy about it. He thinks bears live in the small forest across the street from us. I've tried to explain there aren't many bears living near Detroit, but he's convinced they are there.

There is a T-Rex named Chomper in The Land Before Time (at least according The Internet). Maybe that's where the name came from?