Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monsters and Doctors and Puke, Oh My!

Yeah, it was one of those days.

It actually started at 11:15 last night. Michael woke up for the first time. He woke up four times total, which made for a very long night. I went in the first three times, Andy the fourth. When I asked Michael what was wrong he told me that he doesn't like his sleep, he was too hot, he needed to go downstairs. When Andy asked him he said he was scared. I'm not sure which ones may have been real reasons, but I will say I'm not surprised that this happened the night after he discovered an imaginary friend. I think there is an awful lot going on in his little mind right now. I hope it works itself out soon.

In the mean time, we sent him to bed tonight with a flashlight, a Cookie Monster and an Elmo to keep away bad monsters, and an N Force Nerf sword.

We were all a bit tired this morning, which didn't set Michael and I up for a good visit with the doctor to get his stitches out. I didn't have high expectations to begin with, but things went down hill once we got to the office.

I understand that we live in a populated area and that pediatricians are over worked. I understand that traffic is high right now, and that the doctors are overwhelmed. But, I'd like to offer them one bit of advice. The waiting room is designed for waiting. It has toys, books, and a TV. The exam room is not designed for waiting. It is small, you don't allow snacks, and it's filled with calibrated medical equipment that is expensive to repair or replace. If you are running half an hour late, I'd suggest that you have your patients spend most of that time in the waiting room.

The first five minutes in the exam room were spent talking about crocodiles in the stream outside the window. The next five minutes were spent with Michael breathing on the window to fog it up, and then me allowing him to wipe it off with his grimy fingers (Hey, they were the ones with the no snack rule.). We then spent five minutes exploring the room, followed by five minutes spent reading Michael the sign explaining why he cannot play with the blood pressure cuff and scales. The next five minutes were spent physically preventing Michael from playing with calibrated medical equipment. This eventually lead to me standing with my hand on the door trying to keep Michael from escaping the room. The doctor walked in right as Michael went into full freak out mode.

It took both a nurse and I to restrain Michael while the doctor removed the stitches.

It sucked.

Michael wasn't in the best mood for the rest of the day, but we made it through. I bought him some new letters at the toy store, which cheered him up. We also played some Wii Mario Kart, which cheered me up. Things were much improved by bedtime.

Andy and I both had a little stomach discomfort this evening, but it didn't cross my mind that Michael's tummy might be bothering him. Of course, it didn't really need to cross my mind because kid's stomachs have such a strong reject reaction. Half way through bedtime stories, without any warning, his tummy rejected. On him. On me. The perfect way to end a day like today.

So, after we cleaned things up, gave Michael a bath, and read to him a few more books, I tucked him in with his many stuffed animals, his flashlight, his Nerf sword and crossed my fingers that tonight is a better night than last night.


LauraC said...

Dang, this really sucks! What a day.

But please tell me you have some kind of sympathy for me taking my boys to their three year checkup by myself while Jon was out of town! I thought I was going to seriously lose it. For reals

JenFen said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. And hey after a day like that, it can only get better, right?

Karen said...

Sorry that you had such a rough day. I can completely sympathize with the puking incident. My Michael has done it so many times I have lost count.

I had to laugh when you talked about holding the door closed to keep Michael from escaping. I have so been there!

Steph said...

Oh, what a day! I have so been there in the doctor's office trying to play referee while Cooper tries to use the ear/eye/nose/throat thing and bp cuff and barricade the door. I have broken the snack rule on more than one occasion though.

Kara said...

What a day! I hope all of you are feeling better!