Friday, October 16, 2009

Phone Photo Friday - A New Battle Front

We have a new front in the war of staling. Michael has decided that he must play in my car. Sometimes he decides this before getting into his car seat. Sometimes he waits until we have arrived at our destination before trying to escape into the front seat. Either way, it's annoying.


I've had to use a variety of techniques to get him either into his carseat, or out of the car. The 1, 2, 3 magic approach seems to work well most of the time.


But not always. I mean, just look at all of those buttons to push. In Michael's world, that's worth a time out.

If it's 5:45 in the morning and I'm dropping him off before work, I've resorted to the haul him out kicking and screaming approach. It's not my favorite approach, but sometimes a mom has to do what she has to do.

And sometimes, I use bribes. On this particular day, I had decided to let Michael play around for a bit. We weren't in a rush, so what's the harm in letting him indulge a little? However after about 15 minutes I wanted to get going. I didn't have any bribes handy, so I needed to think quick.

Wait, Rita gave me a Dunkin Donuts gift card when we were in NYC. There is a Dunking Donuts on the way home. Michael likes doughnuts.

"Hey Michael, if you get in your car seat, we can stop on the way home and get a doughnut with sprinkles."


Well, that was a quick result!

Thanks Rita!


Beth said...

We've played the car game for years! Seriously--it's been on of William's favorite activities since he was 18 months old. Now Seth's in on it, too. Except that William hates playing in the car when Seth is in the car, because Seth often accidentally honks the horn (leaning on the steering wheel) which completely freaks William out. So now William asks to play in the car on the weekends while Seth naps. When Seth plays in the car, I always end up dragging him out kicking and screaming. I'll have to try the sprinkled donut trick next time.

Great, now I want donuts. Thanks a lot!

LauraC said...

I was going to ditto what Beth said - you made it this far without the car playing?! I often roll down the windows and let the boys play in the car in the garage while I get dinner ready and do other stuff. It's saved my butt many times when Jon's gone.

But I'm not above bribing. I bribed Nate to stay in his room last night by offering candy corn for breakfast. Score, Nate forgot about the candy corn!

Steph said...

Cooper is also obsessed with the buttons and gadgets in the car. Once he's out of his car seat he wants to leap up to the front to play around. When you need to keep to a schedule it's just one more thing to overcome...bribery is sometimes the only way.

Carrie77 said...

Nathan JUST started to do this, too! Thanks, Grandma! And, yes, its so annoying but he loves it!

Maria said...

My car is usually such a mess that I bribe the kids TO play in the car so I can clean it out! I am so not above donut bribery either. I think it is a very helpful tool...

Julie said...

I am with Maria--maybe its a girl thing? I want Lana to play in the car so I can clean it out.