Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phone Photo Friday

Staying home with Michael while my mom recovers has been a real treat in the amount of time I get to spend with him. However, having so much time means I need to be a little more creative than normal. The weather has been very wet, so we have been stuck inside since Monday. It finally stopped raining today, but everything is still wet. Except for the sidewalk. I went for the old standby and pulled out the sidewalk chalk.

We started with a pumpkin. I did the outline and some of the coloring. Michael did the stem and most of the coloring.


I drew the outline of the moon and then Michael went to town with the chalk.

I mean he really went to town. You might think they are moon beams coming off the moon, but they aren't. They are sticks that the moon puts out to keep rockets from crashing into it. (He couldn't possibly know that NASA just crashed a rocket into the moon, could he?)


And, the final product. It would be nice if they lasted until Halloween, but it's been so wet this fall I wouldn't be surprised if they get washed away.




Stacey Bronoel said...

You are very good with chalk! Those are great drawings.

Maria said...

After hearing so many stories about Michael, I would not be the least bit surprised if he knew all about NASA! I love the candy corn and the moon's sticks!

Karen said...

You are a better mom than me. I don't enjoy chalk at all.

Carrie77 said...

Oh what a neat idea! Its been wet wet here too!

Mel said...

Love it. And Michael has a great imagination! I hope he feels better and doesn't get too sick.

Kara said...

Great job!

LauraC said...

Have a great Halloween! Hope he doesn't puke up the candy!

Steph said...

I love the sticks on the moon. Happy Halloween!