Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So Sweet

The past weekend was much better than the previous one. There were no 40 minute tantrums over diaper changes, no crazy screaming and crying over nothing. In fact, much of the weekend Michael was sweet and adorable.

The weather was really nice on Sunday so I took Michael to one of the local playgrounds to enjoy the last days of summer. I never know what to expect when we are there. Sometimes he latches onto a group of kids and plays nicely, other times he can get pushy and I eventually have to remove him from the area to calm him down. I was hoping for a playing nicely kind of day, and I got more than I asked for.

Michael quickly joined in playing with a small group of girls. They were each helping on another up the slides and the stairs, running and giggling, and just in general being cute kids. However, when two of the girls left, Michael and the remaining girl just clicked. She was a little younger than Michael, but she was a bit more fearless. It was like they both brought out the best in one another.

The little girl's mom and I stood back and watched them go. They would go down the slide, hand-in-hand; laughing the whole way. Once they hit the bottom, they would race each other across the playground to the furthest ladder, climb back up and then wind their way back to the slide. It was clear that they were both having the best time ever and I think they would have played together for hours if they had the chance. It was so cute. I really wanted to snap some pictures, but I just don't think it's polite to take pictures of other's kids on a playground.

Eventually, the little girl needed to leave. Her mom had to pick her up and carry her off the playground because she clearly did not want to leave. Michael found another group of kids to play with in a few minutes, but it just wasn't the same magic as it had been with the little girl. He had fun, but he didn't mind when I gave him the 5 minute warning that it was time to go.

The good thing about being a parent is that these seem to be the times I remember. It's not that I'll forget that we had bad weekends, I'm sure that will linger for a while. But, the mental image of Michael holding the little girls hand while going down the slide, will stick with me for much longer. That's just how it should be.


Beth said...

So well said! It's like childbirth--you don't think about the pain and the fear. Only what it felt like the first time you held your precious baby.

LauraC said...

This is what happens when you have SIBLINGS! ha! Last night I got to watch Nate and Alex build a bonfire, go camping in their tent, and read books to each other. I'm telling you... the most expensive and hard-earned entertainment ever but ENTERTAINMENT.

Julie said...

That is SO cute! He seems so outgoing! I think its amazing when a 3 year old can just join a group of kids and play together, especially kids he has never met before. Sounds like he had quite some chemistry with the little girl--watch out ladies :)

JenFen said...

I am so glad to hear you had a nice weekend with Michael and I think it is so fun to watch the kids blossom at this age and become more social. You so eloquently describe how kids tend to just click so well with certain other kids. Jadyn had the exact type of experience last week at the playground with a little boy last week and it just melted my heart to see her so outgoing without big brother around. I think the mental picture I conjured up in my head of Michael holding hands with this little girl based on your description is probably better than any picture you could have taken.

Kara said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. I love it when Kendall and Kylee play like that although lately there has been a lot more hitting and hair pulling going on. :(