Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is Not What I Expected - Halloween Addition

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.

As a kid I looked forward to it because it was the one day of the year that I could be anyone or anything I wanted to be. I could be as glamorous, scary, or extravagant as I wanted to be. My mom made my costumes, and they were amazing. I got to show off to the entire neighborhood. Add the free candy, and it was a little girl's dream holiday.

When I got too old to dress up and go trick-or-treating, I still loved Halloween. I'd buy way too much candy, dress like a witch, and wait for the kids to come knocking. It turns out that giving away free candy is almost as good as getting it.

Once Michael was born, it upped the Halloween fun. Michael was so cute that first year dressed as a pumpkin. I showed him off to every poor victim that came to my door seeking treats. The next year, Michael could walk and carry a bag, so I took him out for his first year of trick-or-treating. He cried the whole time, but he was the cutest little sad turtle ever.

Last year Michael went trick-or-treating with a group of friends. We weren't sure if the kids were old enough to get it, but it only took one doorbell ring and candy tossed into their bags for them to get the idea. We even managed to get Michael to wear most of his pirate skeleton costume. Halloween was a success!

Michael enjoyed himself so much that he still remembers trick-or-treating last year. He remembers his costume, he remembers the candy, and he even remembers one little boy that he had never met before. Based on this, I assumed that this year Michael would be as excited about Halloween as I am.

Was I ever wrong. I tried getting him excited by pulling out some of the books I bought last year. Nothing. I kicked it up a notch and bought a new book about a T. Rex going trick-or-treating. A T. Rex, for crying out loud. His favorite dinosaur.

He won't let me read it to him.

On to pumpkins. What kid can resist going to pick out pumpkins?

Michael, that's who.

How about costumes? We have taken him out to look several times. He will have nothing to do with it. He gets side tracked by the kiddie flashlights and Halloween treats and refuses to even glance at the costumes. I have tried talking it up, but when I ask for costume ideas he just wants to be the skeleton pirate from last year. That's not at all exciting.

So, once again, this is not what I expected when I had Michael. This is such typical Michael behavior that I can't help but smile when I think about it, but I do admit that I'm a little disappointed by his lack of enthusiasm. I'm tempted to buy him black pants and a black shirt, sew letters all over them, and see if he wants to go out as the alphabet. It might just work.

Of course, if he liked it enough to want to wear it on Halloween, I'm afraid he would like it enough to want to wear it all the time. I'm not sure I want to go there.


LauraC said...

We spent an insane amount of time pumping the kids up for everything. I think we have 10 Halloween books in the house, Halloween shows, last night we painted spooky villages, we talk about it, all that. The boys are not nearly as excited as we are but we say it with ENTHUSIASM.



Then when we get to the event, they are pretty calm about the whole thing. Well maybe not the pumpkin farm, there was too much cool stuff there.

Steph said...

Cooper had a costume problem last year. He wanted nothing do to with any costume of any type. And, candy is not an incentive for him, he won't eat it. I settled with him being a golfer because it was the closest costume I could find to regular clothes. It was touch and go up until the end, but he finally agreed to wear the costume and had fun going around the neighborhood and attending a daycare party in costume. This year all he can talk about is being Spiderman, so we have his costume locked and loaded with a few test drives under the belt. I was shocked, he wore the mask and everything.

Maybe he would love the letter costume.... brace yourself for him wearing it 24/7!

Julie said...

I totally love the alphabet idea! Creative and totally Michael!

At least he is not scared s**tless like Lana was last year. Anytime she saw a ghost, skeleton or other creepy thing, she clung to me and cried.

So far this year she has already had nightmares about a pumpkin head biting her.