Friday, November 20, 2009

The Breakup

I should have known it would come to this eventually, but I'm a loyal person and I tried to be optimistic. I really thought we could make things work.

I guess the first signs of trouble were the complaining. The unhappiness and discontent were so strong I should have seen them for what they were. Instead, I thought that changes would make a difference. I listened sympathetically and when the time came, I followed. In knew the changes were going to add distance between us, but I had faith.

I guess I was just holding onto the past. Things had been so good that I was willing to do anything to keep the relationship going. But, after the changes, things continued to go down hill. I tried to be understanding, I put up with the waiting. But it was all for nothing.

This week I made one last ditch attempt. I reached out, I tried to make the connection. At first, I couldn't get through, but once I did, we just couldn't come to a suitable arrangement.

I had to admit that it was over.

So, last night I broke up with my hair stylist.

Wait, what?

Oh, you thought I was talking about Andy. Oops, sorry about that.

I know it's not a big deal, but, I'm still sad that it had to happen. I really did like the work she did. She was a little flaky, but it wasn't a problem at the old salon. However, when she decided to leave the salon, things started to go down hill. I loved the new salon, but it was a long drive for me, and it was in the other direction from work. The old salon I could just hit on the way home. Then, they started to reduce the salon hours. I had a difficult time scheduling my last two appointments, but this time I couldn't even get through until Wednesday. The salon is closed Sun. and Mon. On Tuesday's they are open from 10 - 3. With those hours, I don't even know why they bother. The rest of the week the salon closes at 7:00, so the latest I could schedule and appointment was 5:00. Not very convenient for someone with a job.

There were other problems too. She was often late. One time I sat waiting for half an hour without her even apologizing for wasting my time. She also complained a lot. At my last appointment she indicated she was having money problems while she kept trying to add on extra services. She seemed to fail to notice that working 25 hours a week may not be enough to support herself.

So, I called the old salon and scheduled an appointment. I was a little nervous about the highlighting, but both the cut and color turned out great. Since their hours are better and the service was just as good, I'm going to go with the new stylist. I hate to dump the old girl, but she did it to herself.

I also have to admit that I enjoyed the gossip. The new stylist gave me all the "dirt" on the old one. That she was fired instead of quitting. Who knows which is true, but the reason given was for tardiness, which I had experienced myself. She also told me that the old stylist had come in for a facial last week and asked if she could reapply...and was told NO. Oh, and finally, the new stylist pointed out everything that was wrong with my last haircut.

I don't know, do you think the new stylist might be trying to "steal" me back?

Whatever, I don't care about the gossip. I care about service and convenience, and whoever does the best job providing them will get my service.


Mel said...

A good stylist is worth her weight in gold! I still miss my Colorado stylist. I like my new one, but the girl in Colorado was the best one I ever had:(

LauraC said...

Pictures please!!

MyWorld said...

I broke up with my stylist of 9 years on January 4, 2008. It was traumatic. I went to a new girl and loved her, but was afraid of jumping into a new relationship so soon. I didn't want her to be my rebound girl. So I waited and tried a number of different stylist from the same place. After 15 months, I finally made a commitment to one. They say when you find "the one" you know.

MyWorld said...

BTW, I should mention my hair cut was traumatic, not the break up. She butchered me. I think she too busy gossiping and not paying enough attention to the cutting. It was a long time coming.

Karla said...

That was a bit cruel. Your post that is, until you got to the hair dresser part. lol