Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Changing Tactics

It's not uncommon to hear people with small children joke that the reason kids are cute is to keep parents from killing them. Really, that may work for the two year old crowd, but by the time they hit 3.5, being cute simply is not enough to make up for their less desirable personality traits. So, they need to come up with a new approach to pacify us. This is where being funny comes in. Cute = good. Cute and funny = great!

Last night during bath time, Michael managed to pull out a number of those less desirable personality traits. It started with his initial refusal to take a bath, which quickly turned into him demanding to take a bath once he realized I didn't care one way or another. We had several discussions during the bath about the consequences of splashing. I was chastised several times for trying to spell actual words with his tub letters - heaven forbid. Finally, we ended the bath with negotiations over how long Michael could remain in the tub. I'm proud to announce that he fully understands that 20 minutes is longer than 10 minutes. After much discussion, he now also understands that insisting on 20 minutes more may just get him removed from the tub immediately.

Not that it was stressful, or anything.

After his ten minutes was up, he climbed out of the tub and let me dry him off. Next thing I hear is a nice loud toot. Michael looks right at me and grins. (And I grin back because little toots crack me up.) He realized that he didn't have anything covering his hiney so he informed me that his toot had fallen on the floor. Next, he turned around and looked at the floor to see where it landed. Imagine his surprise when there was nothing there. He was shocked!

And that's when all of the stress and annoyance from his bath time negations just disappeared. It was just too cute, and too funny. I ended up laughing as I tried to explain to him what happened. *

*Thank goodness that They Might Be Giants Here Comes Science has a song about gas, liquids and solids, or that conversation would have ended up being funnier than Michael's original comment.


LauraC said...

Love this story! Well except for the farting with no pants on, I'm always worried something extra will come out.

Our bathtime routine became so unstressful when we switched to showers. But I miss watching them play in the tub together. Big time.

Beth said...

LOL! If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Megan said...

Great! He gives you so much 'material' to work with! Thank goodness nothing DID land on the floor!

Julie said...

LOL! Toots are funny no matter what--its amazing what sounds can come out of such little bodies.

I am well-acquainted with full-on negotiations and boy is it exhausting! These are good traits for when they grow up, right???

Mama Mia said...

That is SOOOOO funny