Monday, November 16, 2009


I do my weekly grocery shopping on Sunday mornings. The store is normally pretty crowded then, but it's really the only practical time for me to go. Add to the crowds the fact that I insist on taking Michael with me, and we end up having some very trips.

Some weeks Michael and I fight over whether or not I will buy him some stupid piece of junk toy that has been hung at small child in shopping cart eye level. Some weeks we have fun counting out oranges as I place them in the bag. Other weeks we will fight over Michael's desire to buy more Popsicles, even though he doesn't eat them and we already have a box in the freezer to begin with.

Then, some weeks Michael makes the whole shopping trip a treat. Yesterday was one of those days. He was in a very agreeable mood. He didn't try to convince me to go back and look for toys that don't exist. He didn't fight me to buy the Jolly Ranchers he saw. Not only did he not fight me about having him ride in the cart, he didn't even ask me if he could walk.

But the best part came in the bread aisle. A number of shoppers - all women - were gathered in one area all trying to buy the same brand of bread. I pulled my cart over to the side to wait until others had moved on and chatted with Michael. I don't know what I said to trigger this, but Michael announced loudly, "Mommy, you wear me out."

I gave him an incredulous look and responded, "I wear you out?"

The entire aisle of shoppers burst out laughing.

You know, we all may come from different backgrounds, and have different beliefs, but the irony of Michael's comment was not lost on a single women standing there.


Karla said...

I love it!

Sounds like the day in the car that Devin told ME "Calm down Mommy!"

I love this age! They are so funny! :)

Beth said...

LMAO. One day in the car, William could tell I was getting exasperated with all of his questions. So he preempted me by saying, "I sure do ask a lot of questions, Mommy!" How can you not bust out laughing?