Monday, November 23, 2009

Mr. Monk

If you have never seen the show Monk, Mr. Monk is a neurotic, obsessive-compulsive, detective. He's stubborn and everything in his world must be just so. The show is funny because they like putting Mr. Monk in dirty, messy situations that make him very uncomfortable.

Mr. Monk likes to have everything in nice even numbers like 10 or 100. He gets upset if there are 8 napkins or 74 toothpicks. Sort of like Michael who spent weeks asking for everything in 10's. He's now decided that there must be 1000 of everything.

Mr. Monk is very particular about things. He buys the same clothing so it looks like he never changes. He'll make 15 sandwiches until he makes one that is perfectly square. Everything must be just right. So, when Michael asks for his milk and say's "I want it warm, but not too warm." I giggle and say, "Yes, Mr. Monk."

It's a bit of a running joke with Andy and I.

One of Mr. Monk's signature behaviors is how he uses his hands at a crime scene. He lifts his hands up and waves them around to frame what he is seeing. It looks like he's doing slow motion karate chops in the air.

On our ride home from my mom's last Friday I glanced in the review mirror and saw Michael doing the Mr. Monk hand motions. We were stopped at a traffic light and he had his brow furrowed as he looked between the road we were on and then up the road on our right. He was clearly puzzled.

I don't remember how he asked it, the wording was odd, but essentially, he asked me why I drive him to grandmom's one way, but then we come home a different way. I've explained traffic to him before, so I explained that traffic going the one direction is good, but coming back that way has a lot of cars, so it's faster to go a different way.

He seemed satisfied with the response, but I won't be surprised if it comes up again. It just really cracked me up that after all of the joking about Mr. Monk that Andy and I do, Michael has even started doing the hand motions.

Maybe I should have named him Adrian?


Stacey said...

He actually kind of looks like an Adrien.

Karla said...

Its funny that Michael is so set in his ways. I wonder where he gets that from??? lol

Julie said...

Lana too is very particular about "going a different way" "WHY mom, WHY?"

Thank you for your thoughtful comment today--you are SO right about not knocking myself out this year.