Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Too Much To Catch Up

I'm finally back to work and hoping things return to normal soon. My mom is doing well and she and Michael are enjoying their first day back together while I try to catch up at work. The past two weeks have been very interesting and I've had a lot of thoughts to blog about along the way. I'm guessing however, that I just won't have time to cover them all. Toss in a mother's surgery, a child's stitches, some kind of throwing up illness, Halloween, and Day Light Savings time, and there is just too much material and not enough blogging time.

For today, I just have time for two little stories from Sunday.

Michael woke up at 5:30 (new time) on Sunday, which is my morning to get up with him. He raided his candy bucket as soon as I would let him and preceded to open tons of candy. He didn't eat any of it. Most of it he gave to me, but for some reason the box of Nerds intrigued him. He carried it around for a while playing with it.

Michael now has three imaginary friends; Dora, Alicia, and Ella, who he collectively refers to as "my girls". At one point, Michael dumped the Nerds out on his work bench and asked, "Girls, do you like Nerds?"

To which I could not help but reply, "I think finding girls who like Nerds is a very good strategy for you in life."

Later, Michael pulled a crunch bar out of his bucket and started eating it. He started with the "C" at the beginning then turned it around to eat the "H". After the second bite, he looked at the Crunch bar and asked me if it had seeds in it.

"No, it doesn't have seeds in it. Well, wait. The crunch part is made from rice crisps, and rice is technically a seed, so yes, I guess it does have seeds in it." At which point I could not help but think I am certainly qualified to provide advice about being a nerd to Michael.


LauraC said...

"I think finding girls who like Nerds is a very good strategy for you in life."

Thanks, you'll be here all week.

JenFen said...

Finding girls that like nerds. Love it! I have missed you. In fact, I was just wondering how you were since I had not seen you update your blog in awhile. Glad your mom and Michael are doing well. I would like to see a picture from Halloween though. Hint, Hint. Nudge, nudge.

Mel said...

So funny about Michael and his little "harem" LOL!

Analese has been talking about boys lately. As in, "I need to take my halloween candy to the park to give to the boys because they like candy." I really do not know who these boys are that she is referring to.....

Steph said...

I am still laughing about the 'finding girls who like nerds' comment. Are you sure you're not working on the side as a stand up comic somewhere? Maybe you and Desi should get together sometime for a show. I am positive that I would laugh until I cried.

Julie said...

you are so witty!