Monday, December 7, 2009

Lessons Learned - Holiday Part 1

We kicked off the Christmas season on Saturday by decorating our Christmas tree. I love decorating the tree and the house, but doing it with a 3.5 year old in the house makes things a little challenging at times. So, here are some of my lessons learned from this past weekend.

  • Shatter proof ornaments are a necessity. When I was't looking, Michael pulled out a box of glass ornaments and started hanging them on the tree. I'm sorry to report that two of them did not make it.
  • Candy canes are STICKY. Very, very sticky.
  • Small children have no respect for hand made lace ornaments.
  • If you really like making hand made snowflake ornaments, but your husband won't let you hang more than 10 on the tree, having a 3.5 year old in the house can be beneficial.
  • 3.5 year olds will have lots of fun decorating the tree. And un-decorating it. And decorating it again.
  • If an ornament is missing, you need to be creative trying to find it.

  • If you sing "Frosty the Snowman" enough times you may not notice that you are singing "He's a Holly, Jappy soul" instead of "he's a jolly, happy soul" without realizing it. This is not suitable wording for kids to pick up.
  • Candy canes are amazingly sticky.
  • I may be a grown woman, but when it comes to putting this ornament on the tree I'm actually a 14 year old boy.
(This is from a little known Frosty Sequel called Frosty Visits the Proctologist. It's enlightening.)
  • I really should have given up saying "Michael, please don't take the ornaments off the tree" much sooner than I did. All it did was irritate everyone.
  • I can take over 200 pictures of Michael and not catch even a hint of a smile.
  • Did I mention that candy canes are sticky? I'm still trying to figure out how he managed to get candy cane goo all over his back, under his shirt.
  • Decorating a Christmas tree is challenging with a 3.5 year old...but it's also totally worth the effort.


LauraC said...

I am sorry to report that I am Mrs. Grinch in our house when it comes to candy canes because Alex is the Messiest Eater of All Time. The boys can have them, but only at the table. Alex's candy cane was somehow devoured in five minutes yet he required a COMPLETE clothing change, including socks. And this was while seated.

YOU KNOW I love that frosty ornament!!

Maria said...

Dude, what you do is let him eat them all in one day, then you have one messy day and no more candy canes. That is my strategy this least it was until we bought that box of Dora candycanes today...

Beth said...

Cracking up, Joanna! You kill me.

Karla said...

TOO funny!!

Stacey said...

But you were so brave for even trying all these things!