Friday, December 4, 2009

Phone Photo Friday

If I haven't made this abundantly clear already, Michael can be a tad bit obsessive about things. While letters are his first love, dinosaurs are a close second. Like many dinosaur enthusiasts, T. Rex is Michael's favorite dinosaur.

When Michael first became interested in dinosaurs, my mom hit the local thrift shops and found some interesting dinosaur products. One of them is a video exploring dinosaur tourist sites in the USA. It appears to have once belong to a library and was probably removed from the collection when VHS went out of style. The production value is not that great, but they did invest in some pretty cheesy songs for the show. One of those songs is Big, Bad Rex.

Michael loves the Big, Bad Rex song the way only a small child could. He has made my mom rewind the tape at least a hundred times so that he can listen to it and learn it. As a result, he now runs around singing

Big, Bad Rex is on the ground
He's the biggest, Baddest hunter of his day...

Over and over again.

Yesterday, when I got home, Michael was running around the house with an Optimus Prime voice changing helmet on. The helmet is too big for him, so it wobbles around on his head when he runs. He stopped to greet me when I came in and then took off running again. Next thing I know, I hear the Big, Bad Rex song being sung by Optimus Prime's voice as this little boy runs by with a huge helmet wobbling around on his head. These are the moments that being a mom is all about. It only lasted a few minutes, but it was the cutest, funniest thing I've ever seen. It totally made my day.

The other funny thing about Big, Bad Rex is that Michael has picked up "Big Bad Rex" as his tag. I'll walk into my mom's and I'll see it spelled out on his easel, or I'll see it when I glance at his scribbling. This is what I found on the "frigalator" the other day.


I think it's pretty easy to understand why we don't leave crayons or markers laying around the house. Can you imagine this in black Sharpie on a wall?


Mama Mia said...

I TOTALLY understand! When B was frirst learning to write his letters, he yelled "I MADE T" he had taken a pencil and wrote T on my parents wall! Luckily it was pencil!

Maria said...

Love it!

LauraC said...

I am laughing so hard at the thought of your mom rewinding an actual VHS tape. Go technology!!

Julie said...


BTW, a sharpie does not belong in the home or within a 10 mile radius of a preschooler. Bill gave one to Lana the other day and I practically went apesh*t on him--only washable products are allowed!!!!

Heidi O said...

I love that he spelled it himself. And yes I suggest dry erase markers and a small white board.

Mel said...

I second the dry erase board. Analese loves to draw on the dry erase board. Also, I think it is pretty impressive that he spelled out Big Bad Rex! COOL!