Friday, December 18, 2009

Phone Photo Friday

My day didn't get any better after my post yesterday. I had to pull together a meeting when I should have been leaving work. The meeting was silly and should not have been necessary. It made me cranky. I guess I should say crankier. When I did finally leave, there was a huge truck fire on the highway that I had to detour around. It added time on to my ride. When I got back onto the highway, I almost got hit by a board that flew off the back of a truck. Scared me half to death. Next, I stopped to pick up our Christmas cards and they had screwed up my order.

It was a really crappy day.

Michael was in a pretty good mood when I got home. He was playing with his tubes. They are like small PVC pipes and are the most fun when played with in water. Michael asked to take them into the sink, but I wasn't up for that mess. Instead, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and we headed up to the bath.

It was a great idea. Once I shut the water off, we decided to dunk the tubes into the water and then blow it out.


It was really fun. At one point, Michael managed to twist the tubes so that they were squirting him in the face.


We both burst out laughing. I'll tell you, after a day like I had, there is nothing like coming home and laughing hysterically with your kid. What a great idea to take them up to the tub.

Well, until Michael figured out that if he could point the tubes at himself, maybe he could point it in other directions. Like this!


I may have gotten a little wet. And, I may not care either.


Deanna said...

Little boys and fun!

Maria said...

The bath is too funny, I think I may have needed one myself if I was you, you know after soiling myself on the highway after the close call with the board...I hope today is better.

London said...

Sorry things are crappy for you lately. I hope your weekend is better. Those pipes look really neat!

Mel said...

Looks fun. I think Analese would LOVE those little pipes. Just a reminder - water and iPhones don't mix...

LauraC said...

It's amazing how these little guys can turn the crappiest day into the best day. But see, I have two boys who play together in the bath and it is THE BEST every day.

Karla said...

Those are cool! What a great bath toy idea.

Sorry about the craptastic day.