Thursday, December 10, 2009


I've got so many things running around in my head that I'm having trouble forming any kind of coherent post today. So, instead I'll go with randomness.

  • Michael has been really into eating apples lately. He gnaws around the apple like a beaver gnaws on a tree. He eats all the way around, but not up and down. He ends up with a apple that looks like a hourglass, with good apple flesh above and below the "equator" that he won't eat.
  • I've been really irritable for the past 24 hours. I think I may be suffering from supper PMS or something. It's making my work day very, very long today.
  • I checked the weather and it's supposed to go down to 19 degrees tonight. 19 degrees and windy. The normal low is 32 degrees. I'm a little concerned about the weather trends so far this year. Brrr...
  • Michael has been a bit lethargic and cranky this week. He hasn't been running a fever and does not seem to be sick. He's just not himself. It's made for two of the worst morning drop-offs ever. I pulled a muscle in my back this morning trying to remove him from the car. It was like a scene from a cartoon where some character throws out their arms and legs to keep from getting through a door, and the arms and legs just kept stretching as the other character tries to push them through the doorway. Only we weren't cartoons, and it wasn't funny.
  • The Pioneer Woman is going to be in town on Sunday and I really want to go and get my copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks signed. But, I just don't think I can afford to spend hours on a Sunday right before Christmas hanging out in a book store.
  • I'm debating what to serve for Christmas dinner. It was a family tradition for years to have lasagna, then I switched to roast beef sandwiches. Last year I made bowties with Italian Sausage in a tomato cream sauce (Thanks Laura!). I considered doing a new main dish, but I think instead I'll add new sides, deserts and cookies.
  • Great, now I'm hungry.
  • I swore to myself that I wouldn't blog about this, but I can't help myself. Michael has learned a new skill. He can toot on demand. He'll climb up on my lap, let one fly, and then giggle uncontrollably. It's disgusting and uncouth. I really need to stop laughing every time he does it. Or, at least train him to do it only to Andy.
  • Yesterday Michael asked for "Mommy Milk" instead of his usual pink milk (strawberry milk). After I picked my jaw up off the ground I asked him just where mommy milk comes from. "Mommy Cows". I eventually figured out that he just wanted plain milk. Considering he self weened at 15 months, I have no idea where this one came from.


LauraC said...

Love the randomness.
I don't think I could do PW this weekend either. Too busy of a season. But you could ask her what to serve for the holiday that doesn't use onions.

LauraC said...

Check this out on geekologie!!