Monday, January 18, 2010

I Told You So

Back in the fall of 2008 Michael had several ear infections that lead to his need to take antibiotics. It went well at first, but by the last round of "magic pick liquid" he wasn't buying it any more. He refused to take any medication from that point on.

The good news is that he really hasn't needed to take medication since then. However, there have been a few times when taking Motrin would probably take the edge off of a low fever associated with a cold. I've tried explaining to him that medicine will help him feel better, but he refuses. I've also tried to tell him that the orange and grape flavored chewable Motrin is candy, not medicine.

I don't know how, but he always knows when it's really medicine and always refuses it. Because I've only been trying to offer it to treat minor symptoms, I haven't pushed the issue with him. I figured I would wait until it was necessary before fighting that battle.

Upon entering daycare two days a week, Michael has also entered the world of endless colds. Saturday night he had a bad cough. It was making him gag. The gagging was resulting in the need for a bucket and changes in bed linens. There was nothing wrong with his stomach, it was just his throat that was causing the problem.

After about five rounds with the bucket, I finally convinced Michael to take some Motrin to sooth the pain in his throat. I handed him the little purple chewable tablet. He pinched it in his fingers as if it was the most vile thing he's ever touched. Then, he very cautiously put it to his mouth and started to nibble little bits off of it. Seriously, you would think I had handed him poison or something. After several minutes of nibbling, he finally finished it. He then pleaded for some water to wash it down.

It helped him finally fall asleep.

Last night he started with a dry, irritated sounding cough before bed. I knew it was going to lead to a long night, but he refused my initial offer of medicine. After one coughing wake up, he finally gave in again. This time he popped the whole tablet into his mouth and chewed.

"Hey, this tastes like grape!" He exclaimed, like it was a huge surprise. As if I haven't been telling him for a year that it tastes just like candy. As if I've been hiding some wonderful secret from him.

I refrained from saying what I really wanted to say to him, and instead settled for, "I know."

When he woke early in the morning he agreeably took some more of the amazing grape candy that makes people feel better. I guess I've finally sold him on something he could have discovered a year ago if only he wasn't so darned stubborn.

Now, if only I can get him to understand that all that "disgusting" food - like mashed potatoes loaded with butter and cheeseburgers - I keep offering him is really yummy, we would be set.

That kid just doesn't know what he's missing out on.


Deanna said...

We had a medicine showdown about 2 weeks ago...I won! (how childish, huh?) But I'm still in the same boat with you on eating food that actually tastes good. Don't want to eat broccoli? I can understand. Don't want to eat twice baked potatoes? What's wrong with you, child?????

Stacey said...

If my child ever gets sick I am imagining a similar showdown.

As for food, it took me until I was about 18 to try again. So, maybe he'll eat as an adult?

MyWorld said...

I saw a post card in Borders that was of a woman who looked like she was from the 1940's. She was smiling and saying, "I finally realized that my Mother was right about EVERYTHING."

If you want, I'll pick one up and mail it to you. You can put it aside until he's old enough to recognize that you really are right . . . about everything.

Karla said...

Did you snicker that behind his back~ "I told you so!" with a snide look on your face? Because you should have! lol

Steph said...

Cooper is like this too with food, and he would prefer to never take medicine, although sometimes it has to be done. All the things he's missing out on....

Mel said...

Analese loves medicine, to the point that she tries to tell us she is sick and needs it. So I have the opposite problem!

Chrissiebear said...

The Little Miss will see the tubes of Camilia or the bottle of Tylenol and say "Mouf hurt" as we give her these for her teeth that never want to come in!

As for the healthy stuff, she Loves to eat Juice Plus+ gummies which give her more than her daily amount of fruit and veggies! Healthier than vitamins as it's all natural!

Karen said...

You are lucky that the medicine is grape flavored! My Michael's is a pill, not chewable and I know it's bitter. He takes it like a champ most days. And I let him take the gummy vitamin first, which is really like candy.