Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Like Being a Wine Connisseur...

...but without the buzz.

My appreciation of wine has changed over the years. Back in my college days, wine was just something to drink for the buzz. I'd make my wine selection by counting how many dollar bills I had in my pocket then subtracting out the cost of a nutty bar and a Coke. Whatever I had left I'd use to buy the most palatable White Zinfandel I could afford. (Thank you Ernest and Julio Gallo!)

Once I graduated from college and could actually afford to spend more than five dollars on a bottle of wine I learned some amazing things. You know, like red and white wines go with different foods. Imagine my surprise when I realized that there were different kinds of red wines and different kinds of white wines. It opened up a world of possibilities! The world of wines is much more complex and subtle than I ever expected.

Before this winter, colds were just colds. I'd get one or two a year, be sick for a week to 10 days, and then get over it. Pretty simple right?

Ah, but then Michael entered classes at the community center followed by daycare. I knew we were in for a lot of colds. I was warned. Trust me, you can't read mommy blogs for four years and not know about daycare and colds.

The surprising thing is not the number of colds we have had this year, but the variety. I never realized how distinctly unique each cold could be. Each one has it's own combination of head, nose, throat, neck, and chest symptoms and those symptoms vary in intensity and duration. So, the first cold was a mild scratchy throat progressing to moderate runny nose cold. The next one was a really bad scratchy throat that quickly changed to a deep chest cold that lingered for weeks. From there we moved onto the moderate scratchy throat to extensive runny nose cold that cleared up in about five days.

Even more impressive than my symptoms, are the reactions Michael has had. I'm quickly learning what different symptoms do to him. Scratchy throat results in frequent night wake-ups. Runny nose results in night time gagging and puking. Coughing results in midnight crying from a half asleep and very sweaty child. These mix and match at various stages of each cold and make every night an exciting new adventure.

So, please allow me to provide you with an expert critique on the current cold. I call it the alien cold because I'm pretty sure an alien has moved into my head. It's lodged itself into my sinuses and is stretching its tentacles out to my ears and the lymph nodes in my neck. I'm pretty sure it got into my head through my mouth because my throat hurt so badly for two days. Now that it has settled in, my throat has recovered, but the alien has started doing something really disgusting. I believe it's excreting fluorescent green slime through my nose. I'm not positive, but I think it may be toxic.

Yes, you heard me and alien has taken over my head and turned me into a toxic waste dump.

I think I'll survive, but it really makes me afraid of what the next cold might be like...


LauraC said...

MAN COLD!!!!!!!!
And to think I slept in a bed with you, a man. Jon is going to be pissed!

Jon tells me the same things about colds. I wouldn't know because I never get sick.

Beth said...

Sounds like a sinus infection to me. You may want to start on some of that yummy pink stuff! (Hope you feel better!)

Karen said...

Daycare colds are a strange beast and the runny noses are never-ending! Hope that you get better soon.

I am the same way as Laura, don't know about colds because I never get sick!

Stacey said...

Do you have a sinus infection? They often follow colds and cause nasty green stuff and excruciating headaches. They also eliminate all energy from a person's body.

Steph said...

I know you will be glad to get through this stage. Cooper went through it too, we've had our fair share of colds. His new preschool are handwashing nazi's which is good, but the poor kids' hands get raw because they wash them so much. The teachers say they prefer this to having sick kids all the time.

I get everything Cooper gets, and usually I require an antibiotic to clear up whatever version of cold it is at the time because they always convert to a sinus infection. If that's what you have don't wait too long or it could even develop into an adult ear infection! I have had that too because I put off getting the antibiotics.

Karla said...

Sounds a lot like what I am getting over! So you also have a heavy/sore chest and major head/face ache? I had a sinus infection and bronchitis. Once I started the antibiotics I started to feel better by the next day!