Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maybe He'll be Potty Trained Before College After All

I'm pretty sure that Michael is one of the last May 2006 children who is not potty trained. While I'm not one to think much of peer pressure, in this case I agree. This is pretty late. I'm getting close to the "I need to talk to the pediatrician" on this one.

I tried to do a little "booty camp" during the holiday vacation, but I only got one day in before I had to abandoned my attempts. However, I wasn't giving up, I was just delaying. So, this weekend we gave it another try.

The first positive thing was that Michael actually agreed to put on underwear. Believe it of not, he's actually been potty trained for several months...if he's naked. The naked potty training was good, but not exactly practical. It doesn't seem like a stretch to be potty trained while clothed, if he can do it while naked. But, until this weekend he refused to put on underwear without a huge fight.

I was so encouraged by the underwear situation that I decided to give a trip to the book store a try. It required many "do you need to go potty" questions, but Michael managed to control his bladder until we made a trip to the bathroom. Success! This encouraged further trips to the grocery store and the mall. I even took him through the car wash with me and he stayed dry. I was thrilled. Finally some progress. I even sent him to my mom's in underwear yesterday.

He did have some accidents at home over the three days in underwear. We have to ask him constantly if he needs to use the potty or else he may just decided to go down his leg. So, we aren't there yet. But I'm not crazy enough to expect miracles.

We are going to keep doing the underwear thing on non-school days and I hope that over time he'll either go on his own or at least learn to ask to go to the bathroom when he feels the urge. If I'm really lucky, maybe I'll be able to avoid the "my kid still isn't potty trained" confession at his 4 year well child appointment.


LauraC said...

Is he poop trained too?!?!

I'm 100% honest about our situation. Nate is 100% trained. Alex is in underwear but he waits to poop until he has a pullup at night. That's EXACTLY what Nate did for 6 months until one day he decided he would poop on the potty. So now we're waiting and I'm trying not to think about the May appt.

Mel said...

Analese really liked her digital kitchen timer, that she still calls her "potty thermometer." We would set it for 35 minute intervals and when it beeped, it was time to go potty. Maybe Michael would take to something like that when you guys are at home. Good luck!

Beth said...

When William first trained, he had about 2 weeks of accidents at home, where he just wouldn't anticipate the need to pee. BUT, one day it clicked. It really did. So don't give up! And no going back. And why aren't you putting him in underwear for school? William did WAY better at school than he did at home. And they're certainly used to cleaning up those kinds of messes. Just send in 4 extra sets of pants and underwear and socks, and you should be good to go! Yay for progress.

Steph said...

I have to give a lot of credit to my mom in helping get Cooper potty trained. She was visiting for a week and just kept him basically naked while he played for the week and every 1/2 hour sat him on the potty. He got it down pretty quickly (a first that he was so accomodating to something new). HOWEVER, it's been quite a while since that happened and he still cannot stay dry at night. Pull ups every night still. We are at a standstill and I have almost resigned myself that he will be wearing pull ups for a long time.

When Cooper was training daycare helped some too- there were a few other boys going through PT and the teachers had a '3 accidents in undies then back to pull ups' routine that worked well- you may be able to use daycare to your advantage in this situation.

Stacey said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again... kids do things at different rates. My otherwise very gifted niece was not potty-trained until she was four (and even then it remained iffy for a while). Who has time for the potty when you are so aware of everything around you?

I think I'm the only one who feels this way, but I think diapers are easier. Even though Cole's been a potty user for months now (not potty trained since it was an overnight thing) I still freak out that we'll be stuck somewhere and he'll have to go.

He'll get there.

Mama Mia said...

Good Luck!!!

Karen said...

I would definitely let him wear the underwear to daycare too. Beth is right that they are used to those messes.

Maybe seeing other kids pee will make Michael want to do it. It didn't work for my Michael but every kid is different!