Friday, January 8, 2010

Phone Photo Friday - The difference between moms and dads

Moms and dads are just different. That doesn't mean that we aren't equally qualified to parent. It just means that we may go about it in somewhat different manners.

For example. It would never cross my mind to buy a 3.5 year old a snow ball maker for Christmas. If someone consulted me about it before purchasing one, I'd suggest that it's not a good idea because I know I would end up being the target of said snowballs.

Andy, on the other hand, saw a snowball maker in the L.L. Bean Catalog and thought it would make a great gift for Michael. Of course, Andy knows that he will end up being one of the ones throwing snowballs at me, so what does he have to lose?


Here is Michael on Christmas day making snowballs to throw at me. He has decent aim, but his arm isn't very strong, so I didn't mind letting him throw them at my butt. (He also pelted my mother in law a few times too. Tee Hee.)

Andy spent half of the time inside the house watching through the storm door, and the other half throwing snowballs at Michael and I. Michael and I tried hiding behind the CRV, but Andy managed to toss the snowballs so that they would slide over the roof and rain snow down on us. There was much giggling and shouting involved and we were all smiling when it was time to head back in.

Sometimes it's good to let dads lead.

Please remind of this post if THIS ever comes up.


Maria said...

So true! We have the same one, and I am just thankful that it doesn't so the flinging of the snowballs (like those things people buy to throw balls to their dogs). Then we would be on trouble!

London said...

I have to be honest, I'm sometimes jealous of the daddy/son bond that my husband and son seem to share. Especially since I'm the stay at home parent, I feel like I'm not the "fun" parent. I'm the one who makes him clean up his room and take his nap. Daddy's the one who plays trains and football and makes messes with him. Oh well! Although Daddy is also the disciplinarian so I guess I shouldn't complain too much!

LauraC said...

Funny, I thinkI wear the pants in the family when it comes to this kind of stuff bc Jon is a Rule Follower.

I would not recommend the potato gun. One of my college friends built one and put a hole through a door with a potato.

LauraC said...

(Hey do you have Words with Friends on your iphone? It's Scrabble but you can play against people. Maria plays! Now Jon and I are play.)

Mama Mia said...

HA, I think B would Love that...glad that Andy got it for your family I think you all enjoyed it

Stacey said...

My kid would sure love that thing, but there is no way I'd go outside with him with it.

It's nice when parents balance each other out.