Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is not the kind of break I was hoping for

Remember that new exercise bike I mentioned in the Fall? The one I was raving about. Yeah, it's broken.

To be fair, I did get a discount off of the floor model, so this doesn't really reflect poor quality as much as it does poor decision making. The good thing is that I refused to purchase it unless they would sell me the warranty as well. When the left pedal started working it's way out of the crank arm Andy and I tried to fix it. The pedal is cross threaded and completely hopeless. So, I called the warranty service and so far the experience has been nothing but positive.

The bike model has been discontinued, so we checked out exercise bikes at a large sporting good's chain (who's name you should not Google from work) in case they can't repair our bike. The more recent model, the Schwinn 140, looks even better than the 130, so I won't be disappointed if I have to get a new bike. The only problem is this process takes several weeks, so for now Andy and I are sharing the Elliptical. This is making it harder to reach my 500 in 2010 goals, but I'll manage.

Our current elliptical is not in the best shape anymore, and we have been talking about replacing that as well. So, while were were looking at bikes, we also checked out ellipticals. Michael wasn't interested in the bikes, but he was really into the ellipticals. He loves ours.


He hopped right on and went to town. Isn't that cute? The first thing that went through my mind was, dang that kid's leg are long. The second was, how long until we get kicked out of the store for being irresponsible parents.

Surprisingly, we did not get kicked out. A salesman came over and spoke with us while Michael chugged away. I think I'm pretty much sold on a new elliptical at this point. So, even if we don't end up with a new bike, I think it's likely we'll be making a big purchase somewhere around tax refund time.


LauraC said...

That is so cute!

Steph said...

Cute picture! We are thinking about getting a treadmill, and Cooper would have loved the chance to be on it, but all I could imagine was him flying off into the racks of weights...

Beth said...

My fear of getting a treadmill is the boys playing on it. Ack! But I'm impressed that Michael navigates the elliptical so well. I'm hopelessly uncoordinated when it comes to that machine! LOL.

Deanna said...

Wish I could get K on the elliptical and burn some of his energy off. Hmmm...come to think of it, that's the whole point of ME getting on the elliptical. Dammmm...I think I'm back into a corner!

Mama Mia said...

That pic is so cute!!!!