Thursday, January 28, 2010

An Unexpected Problem

I've been complaining about Michael dropping his nap at 2.5 years to just about anyone who will listen. I was devastated when he dropped his nap. On weekends, his nap time was also my nap time, and I really did need those extra four hours of sleep. It also gave everyone a nice break from one another. A 2.5 year old for 12 hours straight is a lot to handle. A 3.75 year old even more so.

However, over time we have adjusted to the change. We've gotten into a routine that works for everyone. On the weekends, Andy and I play tag team to give each other a break. During the week, Michael goes to bed early and everyone gets a break.

It turns out that Michael's daycare has a two hour nap/rest time. To my knowledge, Michael has never actually slept during that time. He does indicate that he's resting, but you can never trust a 3.75 year old to report things accurately. What I'm noticing though, is that he's having more trouble falling asleep on daycare days. It's possible that he's just feeling extra clingy on those days, or it's possible that he's getting enough rest that he doesn't need to go to bed. Whatever is going on, it pretty much sucks.

If it was every day, I'd just put him to bed later and after a few weeks, I think we would all adjust. However, it's not every day. Instead, he stays up late on those nights, and then doesn't want to get up the next day. I mean he REALLY, REALLY doesn't want to get up. Once I get him out of bed, he stalls and whines and resists every move towards the door. When we get to my mom's, it gets even worse. He clings, he screams, he throws Pez dispensers at me. Yesterday I had to carry him into my mom's apartment, dump him, then hold the door from the outside while my mom latches the deadbolt. It's a nightmare.

I don't know how to solve this problem. The best thing would be for the daycare to let him skip nap time, but I doubt that's going to happen. I'm going to pick him up today, and I'm going to see if I can talk to his teacher to find out just how much rest he's really getting, and see if there are any changes we can make to ease the problem.

If not, at least in a year and a half he'll start kindergarten and we'll have new problems to deal with.


Karen said...

You may check with the daycare to see if they would let him go up into the next classroom during naptime, if they don't take a nap. I know they let kids go back down at Michael's daycare if they needed a nap!

Stacey said...

I agree with the PP. I assume that there are enough kids in his class that this would have come up before. After all, not every kid is the same! Daycare is required to be flexible. Of course with that said I'll be annoyed if Cameron drops her nap early. I'm counting on her napping all the way until she goes to college!

Steph said...

It makes me wonder if the 'guidelines' on sleep are really that accurate. 11 hours at night plus a 2-3 hour nap for kids our kids' age- I'm not sure how many actually get that, or need that. I am struggling with te nap issue with Cooper too- mostly that I don't want him to give it up just yet, but he does have the same schedule M-F. I can tell on the days he doesn't sleep just how tired he is when I pick him up though.

Can they allow Michael to have a quiet activity time since he doesn't need the nap? Or, I like what Karen said too about allowing him into another room with kids that are not napping during that time.

LauraC said...

We are going through the same thing. After San Diego, we asked them to give them quiet toys at naptime and they'll try but legally they can't physically prevent them from going to sleep.