Tuesday, February 2, 2010

500 in 2010 Update and a Plan

Sunday completed week four of the 500 in 2010 I've encountered several problems recently. The first was my exercise bike breaking, which I whined about here, and have since resolved. The second problem was the monster head cold that knocked me out last week. I was able to get my miles in, but I had to take a break in the middle of the week, and I wasn't happy about that.

So far, I'm still ahead of my plan.

I think I shrunk the file to much, but you should be able to see that the pink line is trending higher than the blue plan line. I'm happy about this.

However, there is a little more behind this chart than I've been letting on. LauraC mentioned it, but I'm not sure if anyone caught it. We are planning on running the Warrior Dash at one of their races this year. I'm sure that Laura will have no problem running three plus miles considering she just kicked ass at a half marathon. Me, that's a different story. I only started running last summer, and I never even made it to running a full two miles, let alone three.

I've mentioned the warrior dash to several people and I've gotten some funny responses. My mom laughed at me and pointed out that you couldn't pay her to do something like that. Andy said it sounded pretty stupid. I asked him what the worst thing that could happen would be and he as like, "Um...you could get hurt. Duh." One of the women at work responded by putting her hand on her heart and said, "God bless you. Better you than me."

Not very encouraging.

When I told my dad, he had the most appropriate response. " You've got a lot of work to do kid."

Yes dad, I do.

So here is my plan. For the cold months I'm going to continue cross training on the bike and elliptical using the heart rate monitor. My goal is four workouts a week. Two 60 minute workouts in the 78-81 range (That's 78% to 81% of my maximum heart rate), One 60 minute workout staying in the 83-85 range, and then one long workout. I'd like to work up to 90 minutes for the long workout.

Come spring, I'm going to start transitioning to several outdoor running sessions. I'll firm up my plan more after I get a few running workouts in and see where I'm starting from.

My goal is to be able to run a 5K by fall and to complete one of the Warrior Dash races as well.

I'd ask you to wish me luck, but I don't think luck will be enough for this one.


Steph said...

You know what, you have a great plan set out. As long as you are able to keep to it you can do it. Was that sappy enough? :)

Kara said...

My goal is a 5k too!

Maria said...

You can totally do this! Start slow when you run, and don't give up! You will do great!

JenFen said...

I think the Warrior Dash sounds awesome and wicked fun. I only wish I had the courage to do something like that but instead I'm going to be cheering my friends on from the sideline. I have faith that you can do it, do it well and have fun doing it.

Julie said...

I am impressed!!

Lindsay said...

Ooooooooooo - I want a graph!

Beth said...

Awesome progress. And you know where I stand on the Warrior Dash! LOL. But you also know that I'm going to be so jealous when you and Laura cross the finish line. And I'm going to kick myself for not being willing to try it. So hang in there, don't give up, go for it, and all that great stuff. Meanwhile, my "exercise" plan has not gotten off to a great start. But I will not give up--yet. So your determination is admirable!

Heidi O said...

awesome to be ahead of the game. And I am sure you can do it. I have seen people do absolutely amazing physical challenges because they trained well for them. Your plan is great. My one suggestion would be to do interval training as well one day a week in place of one of the other work outs. You can do it on either the bike or the eliptical.

LauraC said...

People are such haters. They are just JEALOUS we are going to be such freaking rock stars.