Friday, February 12, 2010

Crazy Snow

I really don't know what else to call what has been going on here in Pennsylvania except crazy snow. The first blizzard was impressive. This second one was just...crazy!

On Tuesday evening, our light fluffy 18 inches of snow had reduced itself to about 8 inches of wet, heavy, snowball making snow. We already had some decent piles of snow around the community, and we had already spent a lot of time playing in the snow. As the evening progressed, the forecast for the imminent Nor' Easter just kept getting worse. The snow fall amounts were not supposed to be as high, but they kept saying the storm would be more intense. Andy and I didn't understand how the storm could be more intense if we weren't going to get as much snow.

We understand now.

The reason the snow wasn't as deep is because it was wetter and heavier than the last storm. 18 inches of powder is very different than 14 inches of heavy, sticky, wet snow. And the wind! Oh, it came whipping across the fields and stuck snow to the sides of houses and tree trunks. It was a beautiful storm to watch, but unlike the last storm, it was also a little scary. Wednesday evening, our power flickered off twice, but came right back. I was so relieved. A power outage would have turned a very fun blizzard into an emergency very quickly. We were lucky, but I know others in the area were not.

Michael and I played in the snow twice on Wednesday and twice on Thursday. We were out for at least an hour each time. We started to make an igloo with J from a few houses down, but every time I got it a few brick layers high, the boys would go all Godzila on it and knock it over. The snow crew was on duty all day Wednesday, and they made huge mountains of snow, which the boys (and me) also played on. The snow mountains were so big that even I was impressed when I climbed up top, I can't imagine what it felt like for two little boys that are about 3.5 feet tall.

On Thursday, the sun came out and the clean up really kicked in. The snow mountains were bigger, so we played on them again. Michael and I also built a snow fort. Michael insisted on a window and a snow kitty. I was happy to oblige. I honestly think I had as much fun playing in the snow as Michael did.

As is normally the case, I'm too busy playing with Michael to take pictures. I was going to wander out yesterday with the camera, but getting dressed to go out was too much work after my other trips out. Andy did capture some shots, and I down loaded them last night. So, here is the second blizzard of 2010 through Andy's eyes.

You saw this poor Cardinal in the last post. I think he's starting to get pissed.


This next picture was taken about halfway through the storm. Most of the trees were OK, but our pine trees got hit pretty hard. I tried knocking snow off of a few of them on Thursday, and discovered a number of broken branches. One tree was ruined, with about half of it's branches snapped off.


The wind and snow took a toll on us as well. Michael's face is hopelessly wind burned. As you can see, he doesn't seem to mind in the least.


I snapped this picture Wednesday night. When they were done clean up on Thursday, the snow was piled so high near that lamp post that only the top half of that truck would be visible. The pile of snow on the other side of the truck is now as high as the lamp post. I'll have to snap some pictures this weekend. You really have to see it to appreciate it.


Wait, what's this? Lord Vader? Um, what are you doing in my pictures? Hoth? No, no, no. This isn't Hoth. Yes, I know there is a lot of snow and all, but this is definitely not Hoth.


You brought Storm Troopers?


Yes Lord Vader, I understand that you have brought your forces here looking for the Rebel Alliance, but I assure you, this is not Hoth.

I don't know how you are going to explain this mistake to the Emperor. Can't you just tell him the rebels escaped?

Yes, I can understand that he's getting tired of that excuse. That's really more your problem than it is mine.

What are you doing with your hand...gak...



Steph said...

Hopefully the snow fall slows down so you have some place to put it all! I remember last winter in MA I thought we had a lot, it was piled up to the stop sign and just up to where the bottom of the sign was bolted on.

The Darth Vader lego reminds me what Cooper has been talking about lately. He's into the 'big three' (birthday, Halloween, Christmas) and has decided he will either be a bunny or Darth Vader for halloween.... interesting choices...

Mama Mia said...

I wish I had the excitement you do about the snow..I hate it...and yes I went to school in a valley in New Hampshire..still I hate it...I am glad you guys had such fun!!!

Mel said...

It really is very pretty. Wow! It has been quite a winter! It snowed on my mom and grandmother almost all the way home on the southern route from Texas back to Arkansas last night! Snowpocalypse!

Heidi O said...

My kids would love to have a snow day. We had one last year which was amazing to be able to make a snow man with a tiny bit of snow.