Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flavor of the Week

I mentioned yesterday that Michael seemed to be getting another cold. I was wondering, which kind of cold he would have this time. Would it be the croupy cough cold? The snot faucet cold? Maybe the scratchy throat with extra crankiness cold? It didn't take long to find out.

As I was participating in a high visibility teleconference yesterday an email notice popped up. My mom had sent me a note letting me know that Michael's ears hurt. Ah, the classic ear infection cold. That's up there with the bronchitis cold and only one level below the progresses to pneumonia cold. It's certainly a doctor visit cold and possibly antibiotics cold.

After I got off my call, I called the pediatrician's office and scheduled with the only doctor that was open. I rushed to my mom's and picked up Michael. When I got there I discovered she had managed to get Michael to take some Motrin. It broke his fever and gave him just enough energy to want to play in the snow. However, it did not make him feel well enough to be cooperative. Getting Michael into the car was not pretty.

For all that he fought getting into the car, he was an angel once we got to the doctor. The doctor was on time, which is amazing for a last minute sick visit at this time of year. I also really liked her manner with Michael. He was very cooperative with her, and she quickly diagnosed a double ear infection and prescribed antibiotics.

Have I mentioned how hard it is to get Michael to take medicine? If not, it's a horrible experience. The last time he was on antibiotics, I ended up in tears on my neighbor's doorstep begging her to help me give them to Michael. (She's a nurse.) When the pediatrician said Michael needed 2 doses a day for 10 days I cringed inside and started worrying about how bad it was going to be.

So, I asked Michael if he would take the medication.

The doctor jumped on what I said in an instant. "You never ask a 3 year old if they will do anything, you tell them what they are going to do."

The first thought through my mind was: I'll speak to my child any damn way I want to lady!

The second thought was: Oh my God, she's right. I'm such a bad parent. I need to be more forceful. It's all my fault.

The third thought was: Wait a minute. She's one of those happy, cheery "you can do it" kind of people. In fact, I bet she's the kind of person who will actually do something she's told to do. I really wish I could let her spend a few days with Michael. Then she would get it.

I didn't actually respond to what she said. I'm sure for most kids, she's right. But, go back up and read my first response. My immediate reaction is to reject what she said. I'm an adult, and I've had years to temper my contrary nature. My initial reaction may be contrary, but I'm able to moderate that with rational thinking.

Michael, he doesn't have any ability to temper his contrary nature yet. I do plan on helping him learn how to do that as he grows up, but expecting him to do that now is unrealistic. I'm going to continue dealing with him the way I have been, and if the pediatrician doesn't like it, she can blow it out her ear.


I was very relieved last night when Michael actually took his first dose of medicine. I gave him the choice of "slurp or squirt" and that seemed to do the job. (Slurp was drinking from the spoon and squirt was getting it from the dropper). He slurped it all down with a smile.

Unfortunately, not long after getting Michael to bed, I discovered that not only does Michael have a ear infection cold, he also has a gag until he vomits cold. So much for the medicine. I hope some of it got absorbed.

Michael was pretty agreeable about taking his dose this morning. Two down, only 18 to go. Wish me luck.


Maria said...

I'm glad to hear he is taking his medicine so nicely so far. I would hate to think of you getting punched in the face so many times! Glad you got to laugh about that, I'm not sure what that brand of humor says about us either, other than we have great warped senses of humor. Oh, and I asked Maya how she would get Michael to take his medicine and she said to get him a Dora book full of hearts and that would do it.

Stacey said...

Cameron HATES taking medicine and I don't understand it...doesn't it taste like candy? I end up having to lay her on her back with her arms under my legs, her head at my crotch (I'm sitting of course), hold her nose and squirt the medicine in her mouth with a dropper. Sometimes I manage to sneak it in with the spoon while she's eating but it's pretty rare. I'm both dreading and looking forward to be able to have discourse with her about medicine vs. physically insisting on it. I wonder how useful the "you know it makes you feel better" comment will be...

Carrie77 said...

Nathan is odd, he loves medicine and asks for it even after we are finished with it... he calls it candy water. Something is wrong with that.

Steph said...

Cooper hates medicine too. He pretty much only has the dropper option otherwise I am sure the spoon or small cup would end up flying everywhere. Hopefully Michael recovers fast from this ear infection and gag cough.

Beth said...

Oooh, double ear infection. I feel your pain. We're halfway through the pink stuff. Seth does pretty well, but I have to do the Jedi Mind Tricks bit with him and tell him that he can't have it because it's mine. I put the cup down and give my warning voice: "Seth, don't drink that pink stuff!" He thinks it's a fun game and sucks it right down. Gee, I wonder why he always does what I tell him not to? At any rate, hope Michael feels better soon.

Heidi O said...

I am thankful to have kids who don't mind taking medicine. Now if it is a shot then we have to chase them around the room and hold them down while they scream bloody murder.

connie said...

I hope Michael feels better soon. With McKenzie it all depends on the day and how sick she is. You are a great momma, never doubt that.

JenFen said...

I wish I had some magic tip to give you that would make it easier to have him take all that medicine but both my kids have always taken it willingly, often begging for more when they don't need it or already took it. I would just try to take a deep breathe and go in with a positive and determined attitude because kids sense our fear. Good luck. Hopefully it will continue to go well.

Julie said...

Dude, you know your kid like NOBODY else does and that white coat should have kept her commentary to herself. Sometimes they act like they know everything. I know, I am married to one--LOL!

Ugh, I feel you on the medication--whenever we have to give Lana even tylenol, it feels like child abuse b/c we have to sit on her, hold her head and pour all the while she is screaming and snot is flying everywhere. The scene is unreal and leaves me exhausted.

I hope Michael is feeling better soon!!