Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Not Wednesday and I'm Not London, But This is Random

As the work week goes on, I find that the effort of juggling a full time job, a 3.75er, a husband, and my exercise routine makes me a some times. This week has been getting to me, so I'm not even going to try for coherent paragraphs that actually have something to do with one another. Thank goodness for randomness!

  • We are supposed to get 6-12 inches of snow. I don't drive in that much snow. So, I woke up this morning, looked out the window and snow. It was snowing, but not sticking. So, now I'm at work hoping that the snow doesn't start to stick for a few more hours.
  • You remember when I broke up with my stylist? I went to a new one. She changed her hours, so I tried another new one. She left the salon. Last night I had another new one. I love the haircut, but I'm not thrilled with the color. I think it would be easier to just shave my head than find a decent stylist.
  • I'm hooked on Snyder's of Hanover's Sour dough pretzels. I like them so much that I can't bring a box into the house without eating the entire thing in a day. Instead, I buy one bag a day at work. One bag comes with two pretzels. Today, when I opened my bag, there were four pretzels. It totally made my day.
  • We managed to find a way to get Michael to take his Benadryl. Andy needed to take some into daycare for him on Tuesday, so he picked up the generic stuff. It turns out that the generic stuff tastes much better than the brand name stuff. Much better. Who knew?
  • Michael's hives are almost gone, but don't worry, he's picked up another cold. I'm not at all surprised. Let's just hope that he doesn't get an ear infection.
  • One downside to using an elliptical or running, as opposed to the exercise bike, is that it's hard on the toes. I ended up with an ingrown toenail. It wasn't bad, and a little basic first aid has really helped. The problem now is that it's healing and OMG does my toe itch! I've been squirming in my seat all day trying to rub my toe on different parts of my desk. I'm as squirmy as a 3.75 year old.
  • We have been enjoying the Olympics. Michael ended up watching the speed skating the other day, which lead to a major speed skating race breaking out in my dining room and kitchen. I'm ashamed to admit that I was beat out for the gold by a pipsqueak. He should have been DQed for not switching paths around the dinning room table properly, but the judges let him slide.


Julie said...

Not another cold! Lana has had one after another since mid January, with no breaks in between, and she has thoughtfully passed them onto Lacey. All I do is wipe boogers, all day long. Is it summer yet? I hope Michael gets over this one quickly.

Score on your double pretzels!!

Heidi O said...

I can also say the difference between a bike and running is the coasting. Yes that glorious thing that happens on a downhill on a bike. Ah those miles could roll by and give you a rest. Hmm maybe I need to fix my bike and bike the dog...
I know the feeling about the cold. Harry just got done with antibiotics for his ear and I am hoping that his cold is almost gone as well. And that we don't have to worry about another ear infection.

Mel said...

I kinda borrowed your blog title is just a random kind of day. Poor Michael can't catch a break! I know a really great Colorado. Hope you can find a good one soon.

Steph said...

Poor Michael with his cold after the allergies. I hope he gets to feeling better by the time the weather warms up!!

Ingrown toenails are the worst! I have learned that one downside for me telecommuting for 5 years is that my feet can no longer handle high heels for 12-14 hours a day for work travel and through airports anymore. I have been wearing them constantly this week and my feet hurt! Good thing I am headed home tomorrow morning! :)

Stacey said...

It's really true about that first year of daycare being the worst. Cole's had one minor cold this winter-- that's it. He never gets sick anymore (knock on wood). Hope the cold clears up quickly!

Megan said...

Yeah for double pretzels! Bonus! Lets hope that spring and summer arrive soon! So that the cold and flu season can be behind us! The snow this year has been crazy, yes!? Good for you for working out despite the toenail troubles.