Tuesday, March 16, 2010

500 in 2010 Progress

It's been a few weeks since I updated my 500 miles in 2010 progress. As you can see in the chart below, my actual performance is coming in above plan. For some reason, knowing that I'm 25% to meeting my goal was not overly impressive to me until I looked at the chart and saw that little pink line approaching 150. I did that? In less than three months? Cool!
The interesting thing about being ahead of plan is that instead of showing how well I can stick to a plan, it really just shows that I'm a very conservative planner. (Shh...don't tell my boss. He hasn't figured that out yet.) While I have achieved my weekly miles goal, I have not been meeting my weekly workout goal. I really want to be able to get four workouts in a week, but I have only sucedded a few times this year. The crazy weather and numerous illnesses have really thrown off my plan. Andy and I have spoken and he is going to help me balance some of the recent changes in our lives a little better.

In addition to being frustrated by the number of workouts I get in each week, I've also been frustrated by my seeming lack of progress. I keep a log of all of my workouts, and when I reviewed them I discovered that I was still doing the same workouts in the same amount of time. Very disappointing.

After thinking about it more, I went back to the logged and looked at some different information. I compared my average heart rate for each workout, and discovered something interesting. My average heart rate for similar workouts has consistently decreased over the past 2.5 months. That means I'm expending less energy to complete the same workout.

Using this information, I decided to increase the level of my cross training intervals on the bike. What do you know, I can do it! I also picked up the speed a little on the elliptical and I discovered I could do that to. I am so excited about this, and I'm really motivated to make further progress.

I'm also very excited about what the recent time change and warming weather mean. Pretty soon, I should be able to head out to the park and actually run outside. I cannot wait for this to happen.


Maria said...

I totally get the outside running thing. Thanks to *please don't let this jinx it* early spring here, we hve been doing all of our running outside. It is awesome! I hope it warms up there soon.

Lindsay said...

And without data, you wouldn't have known that! Love data.

And I was inspired by you to keep a graph. I'll post it when I meet my first goal.

Heidi O said...

You are much more organized than I am. I don't chart that's why I bought the nike plus. Sheer laziness on my part. I think it is awesome that you can see the results of efforts. I am trying to catch up. I think you have done amazing for all that you have been hit with.
I hope I will keep it up once the hot months hit.

Steph said...

Sounds like you are doing great! I have never tracked as well as you have, but it gives me a good idea to start after Grapefruit is born.

Mel said...

I am slightly ahead too. Maybe too slightly, considering we have several trips this year where I'm not sure how many miles I will log. I like your graph!