Monday, March 29, 2010

Adventures in Mothering

Sorry about disappearing there for a few days. I was in a program management training class last week and it didn't leave me any time to think, let alone post. It was a great training session and I really enjoyed it, but it was also very intense. By the time I got home on Friday I was exhausted.

Friday is one of my days to pick up Michael and I was disappointed to notice that his nose had started running sometime during the day. We had a week without any illness, and I was starting to enjoy having a healthy household. But, what can you do. When kids are in contact with other kids, they will spread germs. I certainly wasn't surprised.

I was so tired Friday night that I went to bed at 10:30. I had just drifted off to sleep at 11:00 when Michel started screaming. Andy settled him down, but not long after Michael was screaming again. I went in to check on him and he screamed that his ear hurt. Well, that was quick.

Michael, being the most stubborn child on the face of the earth, refused to take anything for the pain. I'd offer, I'd plead, he'd refuse. The promise of the end of pain is not enough to motivate him to eat a little purple grape flavored pill. So, instead I laid a blanket on the floor and decided to camp out with him for the night. He climbed out of his bed and curled up next to me on the floor. He stole my pillow and my blanket and kicked me in the ribs. It was the perfect way to recover from two days of intense work.

We both survived the night. Around 1:30 in the morning Michael finally gave in and took some Motrin. He also decided that sleeping on the floor with me was miserably uncomfortable and crawled back into bed. We both managed to sleep through until about 6:20 in the morning. Andy took Michael downstairs and I tried to get a few more hours of sleep in the comfort of a real bed.

When I got up, it was clear that Michael was dealing with a bad ear infection. Not only did he have pain, but he was running a fever. I called the doctor's office to get him in first thing. He clearly needed antibiotics and I didn't want to miss the limited Saturday morning openings.

Michael cried a number of times throughout the morning and was tired and sick. When we got to the doctor's Michael wanted me to carry him. Of course, I was more than willing to oblige. As we approached the front door to the office, Michael was still crying. It happened in just a split second. One minute we were fine, the next we were covered from neck to toes in strawberry milk vomit. Neck to toes. Shoes, pants, jackets, shirts. Even my bra was drenched. Charming.

I put Michael down and just stared for a moment. What the hell do I do now? I was dumbfounded. This just highlighted the need to see the doctor, but I can't really take a kid in covered in puke, can I?

This is the moment when I remembered that I had taken the diaper bag into the house and cleaned it out. Before I refilled it, Andy had grabbed it and put it back in the car not realizing that it was empty. By empty I mean no wipes, no spare clothes. Nothing. All I had was a gross receiving blanket I had used after my last run and 4 tissues. Did I mentioned that both of us were covered from neck to toe?

I ran to the car and got the blanket and a very kind father who witnessed the whole thing came out to give me a package of baby wipes. (DUDE YOU ROCK!) I used our jackets to wipe us off and then did a little dabbing with the wipes to get the chunks off. Then, I picked up Michael, held my head high, and walked into the office for our appointment. It was not one of the finer moments of my life.

Guess what? If you walk into a pediatrician's office covered in throw up they will get you out of there fast. I mean fast. The entire office staff was kind and helpful, the nurse and doctor still did everything they normally do, but they did it quickly. In fact, we pretty much skipped the waiting room part of the whole thing. However, despite the joy of a fast tracked appointment, I still would not recommend giving it a try.

The doctor checked Michel's chest, throat and ears and diagnosed him with another double ear infection. Then, he told me I could pick up the antibiotics prescription at the desk and got his nose as far from us as possible. We headed home to clean up, fill Andy on on what happened, and get the prescription filled.

You know, that's the great thing about being a mom. It's never boring. Even the common cold can lead to wild adventures that one would never dream of (although it might be well within the range of nightmares.) You never know, when you wake up in the morning, just what the day may have in store for you.


Steph said...

What an unusual way to fast track yourselves through that appointment! Hope the antibiotics do the trick for Michael.

LauraC said...

When Nate was about 10 months old, he got a vomiting virus where he literally puked every 30 minutes. By 10 months, we were already old hat at dealing with vomiting viruses so we thought he was fine except he eventually went limp and listless.

Off to urgent care. I walk in and they ask what's wrong and I say, "He won't stop throwing up." and they look at this quiet alert baby and give me a "yeah right" look. Nate then threw up ALL OVER the desk. And since he had been puking for 8 hours, it was just bile.

They ushered us right back and got him a shot of zofran and an IV in about ten minutes. But then I had to hold a 10 month old's arm completely straight for an hour.

Beth said...

Oh no, Joanna! Poor Michael. And poor you. I was just thinking this morning that I don't have a "puke kit" in my car. Good reminder to put something together ASAP! As for the doctor's office, I'm sure they've seen it before. Doesn't make it any less pleasant, though, for anyone. I hope Micheal feels better soon. (I can't believe he got an ear infection before he was even congested!) And I hope that you both get some much-needed rest.

Stacey said...

You have reminded me that I have been remiss in not restocking the diapter bag with a spare outfit. It's top of my list now after reading this post!

Karla said...

Yikes! This does not sound like fun! At all!in

Heidi O said...

Okay hands down that beats my weekend. I am glad they got you right in because that would have added insult to injury if they hadn't. I hope he takes the medicine okay and feels better soon.

Julie said...

Wild adventures, indeed! I hate the pukes, hate em. Head to toe with 4 tissues to wipe up? Oh no. You guys are being hammered this year with the EI, I hope Michael is feeling better soon and that you had a nice long hot shower after that episode.