Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Huh? What? Oh?

Thank goodness it's Wednesday and I don't really need to work at being coherent. I love using randomness as an excuse to blabber on. So, I might as well just cut to the chase.

  • Between too much Wow Wow Wubzey and Laura using the phrase crappity crap, my mind has started to turn all sorts of things into cutesy sayings. We have smackity smack Nerf swords, a poopity poop potty, and chuggity chug trains. It's like a disease, and I really need a curity cure.
  • I was on the phone with my mom this morning while I was getting Michael ready. I asked her to hold on because I was trying to put Michael's shoes on. She replied, "You must be having trouble squeezing your feet into his shoes." Ha ha ha. I responded with a "whatever".
  • After being accused of having no sense of humor, I explained that Michael was up a lot last night coughing and that I had just finished wiping up the antibiotics Michael had spit out all over his shirt.
  • My mom agreed that it was understandable that I'm not my usual happity happy self.
  • Don't tell my mom, but even if I was in a better mood, jokes based on grammar tend to fall a little short in the humor department for me.
  • Unless of course I'm the one making the joke. Then, they are witty.
  • Feel free to roll your eyes.
  • The lack of sleep over the past three months has been rough, but at this point I'm having more trouble dealing with the lack of mental down time than I am the sleep. Too many demands are starting to make me a little cuckooity cuckoo.
  • What do you think, do I need a little helpity help?


LauraC said...

I think you need a little drinkity drink.

Or as Jon and I call it, drankity drank.

Deanna said...

Oh wow...Wow wow! Now I don't feel so bad over having the Wubbzy theme song stuck in my hooptey head all day yesterday.

We're having a stretch of no sleeping here too. Between K's coughing waking me up with an adrenaline jolt because I'm afraid he's going to throw up everywhere and my hubby's incesant snoring due to allergies, I'm about ready to boppity bop the next person who disrupts my sleep.

Deanna said...

today's post title is in recognition of your use of wubbzyisms...

Steph said...

I agree with Laura, you need a drink. Maybe some chocolate too. :)

Heidi O said...

I need a little sleepity sleep. So I totally understand.

Karen said...

I think a drinkity drink may make you sleepity sleep. Hope that you get a break soon. Not to rub it in but I am getting more sleep than you and I am the one with the toddler!

Julie said...

That was friggety friggen hilarious! As big Wubbzy fans here, I find myself talking like that little buddy quite often.