Monday, March 8, 2010

It's so bad I had to name it!

The cold, that is.

As I've mentioned a few (and by few I mean whining incessantly) times, Michael starting preschool has allowed me to gain a new appreciation for the subtle differences that each new cold has to offer. This most recent cold lead to more sleeplessness than any previous cold we have experienced. It has caused more sleeplessness than even the dreaded "an alien has moved into my head" cold which resulted in my sinus infection and Michael's double ear infection. Granted, the symptoms where not as bad, but it really did earn the name "The Sleepless Cold."

One problem with catching a cold from your child is that you don't realize how poorly they feel until a day or two later when it hits you. Let's just say that I'm very glad that I was very sympathetic with Michael when he was having his sleep issues last week, or I would have felt like a real jackass once I was having the same sleep issues.

I've already shared what Thursday night was like. Friday and Saturday night were not as bad, but I was still only able to get about 6 hours of sleep both nights. That's not enough even when I'm well rested and healthy, so I was really dragging by yesterday afternoon. Andy helped me out and let me take a decent nap yesterday, which was really refreshing.

By yesterday evening, both Michael and I were feeling well enough that we went outside to play in the 53 degree weather. It was wonderful to be outside without having snow driving into my face or making my knees cold because my Wellies didn't come up high enough. Michael hopped onto his big wheel and started tearing around the cul-de- sac. Within about 10 minutes, all the neighborhood kids were out on their bikes and skates, while us parents tried to catch up on everything that has gone on this winter. What a treat!

After getting Michael to bed, I still had enough energy to get a workout in. After and hour on the bike, I realized that my head felt clear for the first time in weeks. What a long, snowy, sick winter it has been. I know that Michael will probably pick up something new at school on Tuesday, but until then, I'll enjoy the warm weather and health.

Andy and I went to bed at 10:00 and I hoped for a night of hopefully good sleep. Not long after we laid down, Andy started coughing. And coughing. And coughing. At 11:00 he started fumbling around in the dark grabbing pillows, tissues and who knows what else, and headed down to the sofa. *

Yep, he's got The Sleepless Cold.

Poor thing.

*The reason the sick person gets the sofa is so that the coughing doesn't wake Michael. The only thing worse than not being able to sleep, is not being able to sleep AND having to deal with a kid in the middle of the night.


Steph said...

So glad you and Michael at least are feeling better. And, hooray for nice weather this weekend. We had it here too and it was glorious.

Stacey said...

When Cameron had a terrible sore throat I kept stressing about her not eating. Two days later I got it and realized why she didn't want to eat! I'm glad I wasn't sick the same time as her but I definitely didn't empathize until it was too late...we also enjoyed the great weather. Nice to see Spring is just around the corner!

Mel said...

We even had colds here this past week. My hubby blames it on the birthday party we attended. I guess whether it is a pre-school class or a party, anytime you get several 3-4 year olds together, there is bound to be some cooties amongst them....Hope your hubby feels better soon!

Heidi O said...

So glad you and Michael are feeling better and I hope Andy's cold goes by quickly so you can all get your rest. I like that you are naming the colds. It does give them that sense of personality.

Mama Mia said...

You need to LYSOL everything!!
Oh and in comment to your previous post about not writing down that you may get a good night sleep, I have found DON"T EVEN THINK IT! Saturday B played outside ALL day, and only napped for like 25 min, so in my head I thought HA HA I will get some good sleep tonight. NOPE the kid was up at 530! I have learned a lesson!

Beth said...

Poor Andy. Hope he feels better soon! We are all suffering here, so we know what you've been going through. Glad to hear you and Michael are better!

LauraC said...

The times I am the least sympathetic to the kids have been the times that I get sick.


Julie said...

There ARE subtle nuances to colds. There is the one that makes you feel like you got hit by a truck. The fever cold, the non-fever cold. The drippy, never ending booger cold. The cough up a lung cold. The hacking in the middle of the night cold. The cold that lasts 3 days. The cold that lasts a month.

I hope Andy is feeling better from this latest bug and I hope you are cold-free for a long while!