Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lessons Learned

One of the joys of motherhood is that it never gets stale. There is always something new and exciting around the corner. There is always something new to learn. So, please join me for another round of lessons learned.

  • Never - I mean NEVER - post something along the lines of, "I just might get some sleep tonight" on your blog.
  • If you swear up and down that you will not allow your child to come sleep in bed with you, be prepared to eat those words at 4:30 in the morning.
  • It's really difficult to sleep with a sick 3.75 year old breathing in your face.
  • It's really gross having a sick 3.75 year old breathing in your face.
  • And, once again NEVER post any comment about getting some sleep on your blog. Trust me.


Beth said...

Been there. Done that. Sorry!

LauraC said...

Do you want to know my trick for getting the kids to breathe in Jon's face? We put the boys between us, then I turn to face away from them. Then I DO NOT give up my spot in bed. Inevitably, the boys turn to face Jon and he will give them space so they end up with their face in his face and squeezing him off his side of the bed.

I keep telling Jon to adopt my strategy but he doesn't do it.

Sorry to hear you got no sleep!

Maria said...

Yuck! The almighty jinx! Maybe post that you'll never get any sleep, and fool the jinx?

JenFen said...

Yeah, why oh why do we feel the need to jinx ourselves. And my kids both still come into our bed at various times every night and did I mention that Jake has allergies and his snoring sounds like a freight train? Or that he likes to cuddle with me like I am teddy bear. Not great for sleep but somehow I can't think of anywhere else I would rather be. One day I will have to have Joe take a pic of how the kids sandwich me in bed.

Anyway, hope he starts to feel better, that you get to sleep and can't wait to hear more about swim lessons.

Heidi O said...
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London said...

Yeah, remember how I said yesterday that I slept great the night before? Well, guess what? Couldn't sleep a wink last night!

Karen said...

I have learned the hard way never to say that I got sleep the night before. I fully expect to get woken up at any given time during the night.

And when Michael comes in our bed, I have been known to go into his because I can't stand the restlessness.

Steph said...

Oh no. Another night without sleep!

I am the one to cave and let Cooper into our bed when I am too tired to bring him back to his own. I always regret it because I can't sleep after that, but somehow I always think it will work out better than it does.

Mel said...

Your post made me LOL very hard, but I really am sorry that you are going through that.....(trying to stop snickering now;)

Julie said...

OMG, you are so funny. I hear ya about not saying anything about sleep OUT LOUD. I am the same way about sickness--if I even think silently to myself, "wow, we have been pretty healthy lately" someone will be really sick within 24h.

A sick kid breathing in your face? You better take some Vitamin C! Lana has sneezed in my face so many times, I just resign myself to her cooties.