Friday, March 19, 2010

Phone Photo Friday - Sleepy Head

For the most part, I'm very happy that Michael goes to daycare/preschool two days a week. Being around other children has been so beneficial. Every day I can see how much he enjoys school and his new friends. The social skills he is learning are amazing, and that's just not something he could have gotten with my mom.

There are two downsides to daycare. The first one I've been whining about all winter, so I think you all know my opinion of daycare germs. The second downside is the daycare nap. Twice a week Michael takes a nice long nap for his daycare teacher. After lamenting the lose of the nap at 2.5, you would think I'd be thrilled, but I'm not. On nap days, instead of going to bed at 6:30, Michael will not got to bed until at least 8:00. Not only does it screw up our routine, it also screws up when Michael wants to wake up.

On weekdays, we give Michael a gentle wake-up. Andy starts it by taking a shower across the hall from Michael's room. When he's done his shower, he opens the door to let the steam out, which also shines light into Michael's room. When I head down stairs, I turn on the hall light to provide even more light. By the time I'm done getting everything ready downstairs, Michael is normally awake.

This is what I discovered when I turned his light on low this morning. He was out cold.


Let me just say that I hate being woken up. Ha, who doesn't really? My parents used to do the most annoying things to try and wake me up. My dad would do this sing-songy "Joey, Oh Joey" thing that I could not stand. When that didn't work, he would turn on the lights. Infuriating! If that failed, he would tickle my feet. How dare he!

So, I stood there trying to wake Michael up, but nothing was working. So what did I do? "Michael, oh Michael" I sang, cringing the whole time. "Michael, oh Michael."


What next?


Yep, I flipped the light all the way on. I confess, I'm evil. Michael responded with the normal roll over and try to ignore it defense.

The sing-songy voice failed. The bright light failed. Time for foot tickling.

Nothing. His feet aren't really that ticklish anyway.

I was pretty much out of ideas from things I swore I'd never do to my kids, so I had to get creative. I very gently reached down and pulled the covers off of him. That didn't seem to work, so walked down the hall to get ideas from Andy. (I did have one more idea, but I'm really not ready to resort to slamming garbage can lids together like my dad did.) As I walked out of the room, Michael started crying. "Mommy, don't leave me!" He was so sad. It was pathetic.

But, he was awake.


LauraC said...

Nate is SUPER GROUCH to wake up every morning. We never make it through a morning wakeup without some kind of crying or yelling, except on weekends.

In my fantasies of staying home, morning wakeups are so easy and there is no morning scramble. Everyone just laughs and plays in their pjs and has a grand old time. Yes, FANTASY.

PS. Such a cutie sleeping!!

Mama Mia said...

Aw he looks so cute..OMG 630!! I wish B would go to bed at that hour!!!!

Heidi O said...

My mom used to walk on the stairs to slowly wake me up when I was a kid.

Maggie wakes up fairly easily most days from naps. But then when it is the other side it takes some hugs and snuggles. Otherwise, she is the one waking us up at the crack of dawn. And I am not a bounding out of bed person. I am more of the get me to the coffee maker and start my coffee before you talk to me person.

Laura I so wish that dream were true here as well.

Steph said...

My dad used to vacuum in my room to wake me up when I was in high school and wanted to sleep in until 10. SO ANNOYING, but it did the trick- I was awake.

Cooper is an early bird no matter what time he goes to bed. Sometimes his day at preschool includes a nap, sometimes it doesn't, but either way he is resting for those two hours. I wish he would sleep in some mornings but I don't think that will ever happen. I told him to sleep in tomorrow because he needed his rest for tball on Saturday and he said he would sleep in until 6:09. Sweet, and extra 9 minutes- way to go Coop. Ha ha.

JenFen said...

When we have to the kids up and they are not responding to gentle nudging, we threaten them with the spray bottle. I think Joe has actually only used it once. Very cruel but it gets their attention. And I have been super lucky in that neither of my kids wake up early. On school days, Jake has to be up by 7:30am and most days we have to wake him up. On Saturdays they will typically not wake up until 8-9 am. I know how spoiled I am in that department.

Julie said...

Your story totally reminded me of how my dad used to wake me up when I was in HS--a sing-songy, yet totally annoyed, almost stern-voiced: JU-LIE! Thanks for the smile :)

Um, 6:30? Seriously? That is MY fantasy! Without a nap, Lana is in bed by 8, asleep by 8:30. With a nap, we are looking at anywhere between 10-11pm, which is totally unacceptable in my opinion.

Great pics though--awww!