Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's that time again! Too many thoughts and not enough coherency. I'll just toss out some stuff and see if any of it sticks.

  • Michael has started to pick up books and "read" them. Between the pictures and the few words he can actually read he's coming up with some funny stories. Last night he picked up Green Eggs and Ham and went to town butchering the wonderful rhymes of Dr. Seuss. He was so serious, yet everything coming out of his mouth was completely absurd. Andy and I couldn't help but sit quietly, listen, and smile.
  • You know how I was raving about my heart rate monitor in yesterday's post? I wasn't raving about it last night. The weather was gorgeous yesterday so I went for my first run of the season. I started off with a five minute warm up walk, clicked on the monitor, and started to run. About 20 steps later, the alarm went off alerting me that I had surpassed the maximum recommended heart rate for me. That didn't seem right, however, I decided to listen to it for the first mile I ended up doing a lot of walking to bring my heart rate back down every time the alarm went off. For the second mile I decided that I felt fine and ignored the alarm. I ran the final 3/4 of a mile against the wind and felt really good. According to my heart rate monitor, my heart is no longer functioning.
  • I will be adjusting my training approach in light of the fact that I'm currently dead.
  • I've clearly crossed over to the dark side of crazy people who enjoy exercising. Andy just purchased a Concept 2 rowing machine and it's an awesome workout. I'm exited about finally having something that will work my core, shoulders, and arms. I'm trying to figure out how to work it into my overall workout plan. What kind of sickness is it when you get excited about working hard and sweating?
  • Last night we continued the sitcom of sleep interruptions. Michael has a lingering cough from ho ever many colds he's had this year. He feel asleep fine, but must have woken up a little when Andy and I were getting ready for bed. He managed to cough enough that I would go to him, I'd get him settled, then I'd head back to bed. As soon as I would start to drift off, he would start coughing again. This went on for over an hour before we could finally get him back to sleep. His timing with the coughing fits was perfect every single time. He was so proud of the achievement that he decided to repeat the entire routine again at 3:30 in the morning. Andy tried to help out on the hour long round of trips down the hall, but Michael freaked out anytime Andy walked into his room. It was charming.
  • It's a good thing I'm dead, otherwise, I might be really tried today.


Mama Mia said...

So how is being dead??

Beth said...

Oh you make me laugh! William got in our bed at some point last night and slept with us for the rest of the night. Seth woke up several time. Fortunately, he settled back down quickly and with little fussing (without me having to get him out of the crib). But at 4-something, when I went back to my bed, William had conveniently taken up my side of the bed. So I ended the night in his bed. Maybe I should get that heart monitor of yours, so I can be dead too. Oh yeah--that would mean I'd have to exercise. Nevermind!

LauraC said...

It was really nice knowing you.

I had to do a stress test in college because I kept having these weird almost-fainting spells and they were afraid I was having mini heart attacks. They put me on the treadmill and made me keep running until I hit my max heartrate. It never happened. I ran for an hour, faster and harder every 10 minutes until I thought I would die.

Let me tell you, that was one sweaty smelly room when they let me off the treadmill.

Deanna said...

The heart rate monitor on my elliptical is real sketchy, too. Sometimes my heart rate is 74 after going at it for 30 minutes and then it will jump to over 200...just plain disturbing. I will now inform my husband that I have ceased living the next time that happens. Hey, I dreamed I was a vampire last night, so it all goes together.

Kelton is waking up off and on throughout the night - has been for two weeks now. It's killing us! I'm considering putting him out in the yard for 45 minutes after we get home to see if I can make him tired enough to sleep. *sigh*....parenthood.

Steph said...

Too funny. I have had trouble w/heart rate monitors, but since I don't own one myself it was one attached to the treadmill, so I never really paid much attention to it. Hope being dead helped get through the coughing spells throughout the night

Maria said...

Sorry about being dead, I will miss your humor!

Steph said...

You are right about the bouncy house place-- If I wasn't so unbalanced and pregnant it would have been really fun to bounce w/Cooper. A beer- don't tempt me, it sounds good right now!

Heidi O said...

You write pretty well for being dead.

Yeah Max came downstairs at 5 with a coughing spell. I am really loving this season. not