Monday, April 19, 2010

A Date Night!

My mom volunteered to have Michael stay with her on Saturday night so that Andy and I could celebrate our anniversary.

It was wonderful. Heavenly. Amazing.

And, much needed.

Andy and I were able to go out to dinner, see a movie, come home and play pool, and even sleep in on Sunday morning. It's been a long time since we have had that much time to spend together and reconnect. It was a real treat, and I look forward to a time when we can make that happen a little more often that once every other year.

There were a few amusing moments during our date night. The first one came as we were ordering drinks before dinner. Our waiter had that awkward feel that new waiters often have. His banter was a little awkward and he hasn't mastered reading cues like coming over when we put the menus down.

The first thing he did was ask if we wanted anything to drink. We both ordered alcoholic drinks. I knew what was coming as soon as I saw the glance. It's the glance that Andy always gets when he orders a drink. It's almost always followed by a request for ID, and Saturday night was no exception. Andy reached for his wallet while we both laughed out loud about it. It was entertaining enough when he was 26, but at 36 it's freaking funny.

On my own, I think I've been carded once in the past 15 years, and I'm pretty sure the woman that did had poor eyesight. But, when I'm with Andy, most waiters and waitresses realize that if you are going to card the man, you HAVE to card the woman. This guy didn't know that until after he asked for Andy's ID and realized that he had just indicated that I look OLD. He did finally ask for mine, but it was too late to pull it off. Dude, I know you thought I looked old.

In Pennsylvania they are allowed to card you up until you are 31. (Which makes no sense. If they don't card you, how can they know you are old enough not to be carded?) So clearly, I looked like I was over 31 to this guy. And, Andy looked to be no more than 20. Let's just say that this cougar is hot enough that she can lure in the jail bait. Ladies, I've still got it!

From dinner we decided to head over to see a movie. We had a little bit of time before the movie started, so I decided to take a little potty break at the theater. As I was taking care of business I glanced down at my shoes. I noticed a few little pink spots on the toes and decided to investigate. Why on earth would I have pink stuff on my shoes?

That's when it hit me. The last time I wore those shoes was the morning I had to take Michael to the doctor with the ear infection. The morning he had some pink milk before we headed out. The morning he threw up all over both of us as we walked into the doctor's office.

Yes, I had throw up on my shoes. Charming. Such is the life of a mom.

We debated over which movie to see, and finally decided to give Hot Tub Time Machine a try. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much from a movie in which 4 guys get transported back to 1986 in a hot tub incident, but I also didn't feel like sitting through opening weekend crowds to see the Chris Rock movie either. I was pleasantly surprised at how funny the movie was. I laughed harder for Hot Tub Time Machine than I did for the Hangover. They took a pretty cheesy premise and made it very enjoyable.

The one thing I did find disturbing about the movie was that they pretty much nailed the fashions of 1986. Yikes. As a society, I have no idea what we could have been thinking about. Leg warmers? Day-gloo? Acid wash? Seriously, ACID WASH? Seeing it all in vivid living color makes me so glad that all I wore from 1986 - 1990 was black, black, and more black. Anything would be better than Acid wash.


Beth said...

Hmmmm, note to self: don't wear acid-wash jeans when visiting Joanna. And pretend not to notice if you see suspicious droplets on shoes. LOL! Seriously, glad you had an awesome time and much-needed break. I definitely recommend doing it more often! (I recommend that to myself, too.)

LauraC said...

I laughed out loud at the idea of you calling yourself a cougar. HA HA!

I am dying to see Hot Tub Time Machine. Too bad we have to hang with the in-laws this weekend.

Btw I LOVE that you guys went to see Hot Tub Time Machine on an overnight date.

And how did I not know you have a pool table at your house??

LauraC said...

PS. Do you remember those jeans with the splatters of bleach? I did that to mine at home. Except the first time I left them in the bleach too long and they turned white. I'm sure my parents loved that.

Steph said...

So glad you had a chance to go out and celebrate! Hot Tub Time Machine is right up my alley. I would love to see it, but will probably wait until it's out to rent.

Steph said...

Oh, yes, ACID WASH jeans. I owned them and wore them proudly in 1986. I think that's around the time I was rocking a mullet with a perm too. And I thought it was awesome. Seriously.

Mel said...

Cougar on the prowl!! You go! YAY for a great date night. Those are few and far between for us.

Karla said...

Happy Anniversary and glad you enjoyed a great night with your love. Well deserved for sure!

Heidi O said...

I am planning on wearing leg warmers just for you when you come out to Vegas... even though it will probably hot still.

I am glad you got the date night. I am really looking forward to our first night away without kids. It has been a long time.
puke and odd stains are the mark of a mother....

London said...

Happy belated anniversary! Our fifth is coming up as well, although we won't be going out. Newborn + no family within 900 miles! I've never been carded, which always offends me. In my mind I don't look old enough to buy alcohol. I guess I'm wrong!